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NUMATS Information

November 21, 2013

Parents, please see the information below from Cindy Sedam, Ph.D., the NUMATS Liaison for Illinois:

Provided for you is a recap of information shared at the Springfield School District 186 NUMATS meeting, as well as salient facts taken from the NUMATS website. You may access additional information at www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats/. For information specific to Springfield students, you may contact me at csedam@ben.edu.

While Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) is built around testing, it provides opportunities well beyond the testing, including information and resources for appropriate school follow-up, access to Center for Talent Development (CTD) onsite and distance learning programs, and awards and recognition for the highest-scoring students. Plus with the new online NUMATS Toolbox, schools and families have yearlong access to a wealth of resources.

Test dates are available throughout the school year. Testing before March is required for award ceremony consideration by NUMATS and most other organizations.

Fall, 2013
Students may register to take any test at any location. However, the following recommendations are made for Springfield students:
• Register online at http://toolbox.ctd.northwestern.edu by January 7th to take the ACT on February 8th, 2014
• Select Benedictine University at Springfield as the test center: Center Code is 011460
• The school code for LMS is as follows:

8004539: Lincoln Magnet School, Springfield, IL

After registration is complete
Access the online NUMATS Toolbox to make use of test preparation materials and other resources. These materials are provided by both NUMATS and the testing agency and will also be mailed to students.

Special Opportunity for Springfield School District 186 Students
Participate in the Test Prep Session on Saturday, January 25th at Iles School from 9:00 a.m.”12:00 Noon. Please RSVP by emailing Kathy Hulcher, District 186 gifted coordinator, at hulcher@sps186.org. Please copy your principal on this email.

At least one week before test day
Students receive an admission ticket in the mail directly from the testing agency, which contains information on when and where to go and what to bring on test day.

There will be special accommodations for NUMATS students at Benedictine.

Test day
Students should arrive at the test center with their test admission ticket and other items by 7:45 or 8:00 a.m., depending on the test. (Test admission ticket will state what time to arrive and what to bring.) For students taking the ACT, they should also bring the completed identification form, included with the test preparation materials and downloadable through the NUMATS Toolbox.
Several weeks after testing
Check the online NUMATS Toolbox for access to student test scores, NUMATS percentiles and interpretive information; students and schools have online access to follow-up information as soon as scores are available.
About five weeks after testing
Students receive an official score report in the mail from the testing agency.

Benedictine University at Springfield is pleased to partner with Springfield School District 186 to offer this opportunity for your studenst. NUMATS research shows that this is a way of keeping talented students engaged academically, demonstrating actual growth, excelling in school, and being better prepared for college. In addition to these powerful reasons for students to test, there is the experience with testing on high-stakes test in a low-risk environment. The scores will not show up on their college applications and will build confidence for later testing. But most importantly, students enjoy the challenge of the test itself.