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Daily Announcements-Monday

November 17, 2008

Today is Monday, November 17th, and it is a B day.

The 7th graders are looking forward to sharing their knowledge about native Americans next week during our Legends of our Land culminating project. The students learned about the geography of our land, researched different Indian tribes, experienced story-telling, and wrote their own legends as a group. They will perform in costume with their group on Thursday, November 20th from 12:00-1:00. After the performances, the students and their guests will sample recipes from the different tribes. We are looking forward to the day! Parents interested in helping may call 525-3236, and ask for Mrs. Jimerson (or e-mail ajimer@springfield.k12.il.us)


Nov. 17 Ravioli w/Garlic Toast
Nov. 18 Chicken Patty on Bun
Nov. 19 Beef and Spanish Rice
Nov. 20 Sloppy Joe on Bun
Nov. 21 Spaghetti Dunkers
Nov. 24 Chicken Strips
Nov. 25 Nachos
Nov. 26 Gilardi Cheese Sticks
Nov. 27, Nov. 28 No School

Parents-If you see conflicts on the activities, PLEASE e-mail me to get clarification. We sometimes make changes or have cancellations during the day or week.


Monday, Nov. 17
Computer Lab
Show Choir
Activity buses
7th/8th GBB vs WMS @ WMS 3:30
7th BB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
8th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:30
6th GBB practice @ LMS 5:30-7:30

Tuesday, Nov. 18
After-school Literacy Instruction
Girls On Track
Activity buses
BB vs Chatham@ Ball Charter (H) 4:30
7th/8th Open Gym @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00

Wednesday, Nov. 19
After-school Math Instruction
Jazz Band
Activity buses
7th/8th GBB game vs Robert Decatur @ Ball Charter 4:30 (8th grade night)
6th GBB @ LMS 5:30-7:30
8th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00
7th BB practice (To be announced)

Thursday, Nov. 20
Legends of our Land 12:00-1:00
Girls on Track
Scholastic Bowl Tryouts
Activity buses
7th BB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
6th BB practice @ LMS 5:00-7:00
7th/8th GVB Open Gym @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00

Friday, Nov. 21
8th grade Intramurals
Activity buses
6th GBB practice @ Ball Charter 3:30-5:30

Saturday, Nov. 22
6th BB vs GMS @ GMS 8:00/8:45
6th BB vs GMS @ Ball Charter 9:30/10:15

Monday, Nov. 17 Honor Roll Celebration 1st Hour
Thursday, Nov. 20 7th grade Legends of our Land 12:00-1:00
Monday, Nov. 24 Deadline for Applications for 2009-2010, 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 26 Lottery for 2009-2010
Friday, December 19 Winter Dance 2:30-4:00
ISAT Celebration for LMS 9th grade Alumni Dec. 19 3:15-4:00