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Daily Announcements-Monday

November 9, 2008

Today is Monday, November 10th, and it is a B day.

This Wednesday is picture retake day. Please bring back your pictures to receive credit. Students who would like to purchase pictures this Wednesday should fill out a form from Mrs. Heyen's table, and bring it along with a check or cash for the amount.

This Thursday, November 13th, is the delivery date for our fundraiser items! Many students will be able to leave early, based on the amount and size of their order. I have posted lists of students and their dismissal times.

Nov. 10 BBQ Pork sandwich
Nov. 11 No School
Nov. 12 Corn Dogs
Nov. 13 Horseshoes
Nov. 14 Fish Sandwich
Nov. 17 Ravioli w/Garlic Toast
Nov. 18 Chicken Patty on Bun
Nov. 19 Beef and Spanish Rice
Nov. 20 Sloppy Joe on Bun
Nov. 21 Spaghetti Dunkers
Nov. 24 Chicken Strips
Nov. 25 Nachos
Nov. 26 Gilardi Cheese Sticks
Nov. 27, Nov. 28 No School


Monday, Nov. 10
Show Choir
Computer Lab
7th/8th GBB Game vs. New Berlin (H) 4:30
7th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00
6th GBB practice @ LMS 5:30-7:30
* Activity buses

Tuesday, Nov. 11
No School-Veteran's Day
* No Activity buses
6th BB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
7th BB @ Pleasant Plains 7:20

Wednesday, Nov. 12
After-school Math Instruction
Jazz Band
7th/8th GBB Game vs. Grant @ Ball Charter 4:00 * Early Game
8th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00
6th GBB @ LMS 5:30-7:30
7th BB @ Pleasant Plains 6:15
* Activity buses

Thursday, Nov. 13
Scholastic Bowl Tryouts for 7th/8th graders
7th/8th GBB Practice @ TBA
Girls On Track
6th BB practice @ LMS 5:00-7:00
* Activity buses

Friday, Nov. 14
6th GBB Practice @ BC 3:30-5:30
7th BB Game @ PP - TBA
* Activity buses

Saturday, Nov. 15
6th BB vs. FMS @ GMS 8:00/8:45
6th BB vs. JMS @ BC 9:30/10:15

Parents-If you see conflicts on the activities, PLEASE e-mail me to get clarification. We sometimes make changes or have cancellations during the day or week.

Tuesday, Nov. 11 Veteran's Day-no school
Wednesday, November 12th, Picture retakes!
Thursday, November 13th Fundraiser delivery
Thursday, Nov. 20 7th grade Legends of our Land 12:00-1:00
Monday, Nov. 24 Deadline for Applications for 2009-2010, 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 26 Lottery for 2009-2010