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Life after Lincoln: The Reality

April 7, 2008

A solid financial future depends on mastering solid money-management skills. Life After Lincoln: The Reality is a project that is aligned to the initiative of preparing students for post-secondary opportunities. The students at Lincoln Magnet will have an opportunity to participate in a hands on simulation called the Reality Store on Wednesday, April 9th. This real life application will teach students how to write out checks, decide on housing choices, make monthly rent and automobile payments, and discuss the outcome of their financial status. Students will be separated into cooperative groups depending on their ending balance, positive ending balance/negative ending balance. They will have an opportunity to work with financial experts to discuss their choices and how their choices affect their future. Lincoln Magnet students will understand the importance of how to plan, spend, save and invest wisely. Research indicates that as little as 10 hours of financial education positively influences student spending and saving habits. What a great "reality check" for students!