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Wednesday announcements

February 20, 2008

Today is Tuesday, February 19, and it is a B day.

Lieutenant Pat Quinn was at LMS this morning to present a mini-wahl relief of President Lincoln to the school. The artist, Abelardo Ghoulam, was also be present. They were impressed with the students' ability to articulate how the use of computers has positively impacted their education.

We will have a guest speaker on Friday, February 22 from 2:30-4:00. Mr. Terry Ransom will be speaking about the Underground Railroad. He has information to share about Illinois sites and the history of the Railroad in this area. Parents are welcome!

Here are the lunch choices for the rest of the month (subject to change)
Wed., Feb. 20 Gilardi Cheese stix w/ sauce
Thurs., Feb. 21 Tacos
Friday, Feb. 22 Honey BBQ Rib sandwich
Mon., Feb. 25 Chicken Patty Sandwich
Tues., Feb. 26 Nachos
Wed., Feb. 27 Macaroni and cheese, Hot dogs
Thurs., Feb. 28 Hot ham and cheese, Chili
Fri., Feb. 29 Manager's choice (Surprise!)

The Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) is jut around the corner! The ISAT measures individual student achievement and shows how well students and schools are performing based on the Illinois Learning Standards. The test results also identify areas of strength and weakness for students and schools. The ISAT tests will be given to all sixth, seventh and eighth students during March 3-14, 2008. Parents should make every effort possible to have their child at school and arriving on time during this testing. Listed below are the areas that each grade level will be tested.

Sixth Grade: Reading, Math and Writing
Seventh Grade: Reading, Math and Science
Eighth Grade: Reading, Math and Writing

Last year, we requested, and received, lots of snacks to distribute during the testing. It helped to make it through the stress of testing! We would really appreciate any items that you can send from the following list. There will be 28-30 students in each testing group.

Individually wrapped mints
Individually wrapped snacks (trail mix bars, fruit snacks)
Packaged trail mix (large bags)
Pretzels (large bags)
bottled water
Other healthy snacks

Wednesday, February 20
Jazz Band
After school Math
Activity buses
7th GVB practice @ Ball Charter 3:30-5:00
8th GVB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-6:30

Thursday, February 21
GVB game
Activity Buses

Friday, February 22
Guest speaker
Activity buses

Monday, March 3 No school