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Wednesday announcements

November 14, 2007

Today is Wednesday, November 14, and it is an A day.

The 8th graders are preparing to take the Explore test on Tuesday, November 20th. Students are working in their practice booklets this week to prepare for this high-stakes test, which helps to determine their placement in high school classes. They also fill out an interest inventory which helps to determine which courses to focus on for career readiness. Please talk to your student about the Explore test, and make sure that he or she is rested and ready for the test on November 20th.

Fundraiser items will be delivered to school on Wednesday, November 20th at about 1:00. If your child has a BIG order, you may want to arrange to pick them up that day. The prizes will be delivered with their items, and we will have the limo lunch and other big prizes on Friday, December 14th.

The holidays are just around the corner. What better way to send a friend, teacher or a loved one a holiday ad? The Leopard Link newspaper is selling holiday ads in the newspaper that will be delivered before winter break. Price for an ad is $4.50 for just a simple message or $5.00 with a holiday image. Ads will be sold during each lunch period starting Wednesday, Nov. 7th and ending Friday, Nov. 30th.

BETA Club is sponsoring some additional events to raise money for United Way. We will have spirit day on Friday, Nov. 16, and Wednesday, Nov. 21. We will have a Fun Day activity the last hour of the day on Wednesday, Nov. 21.
Friday, Nov. 16 Twin Day- dress like a friend or two!
Wed, Nov. 21 70's Day- dress in tie-dye, granny glasses, bell bottoms, granny dresses. Have fun!

Wednesday, Nov. 14
Picture retakes
Jazz Band-required
Manga Club
After school Instruction for Math
Activity buses
6th BB practice @ LMS 5:00-7:00
7th/8th GBB game @ Ball Charter 6:00
7th BB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-6:30 (tentative)
8th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:30-8:00 (tentative)

Thursday, Nov. 15
Legends of our Land 12:00-1:00
Show Choir
Girls on Track
Activity buses
7th/8th GBB practice @ Ball Charter 3:30-5:00
7th BB practice @ Ball Charter 6:00-7:30
6th GBB practice @ LMS 5:00-7:00
8th BB practice @ Edison 6:30-8:00

Friday, Nov. 16
Applications for 2008-2009 DUE!
7th grade Intramurals
Scholastic Bowl practice
Activity buses
6th GBB practice @ BC 3:30-5:00
6th BB practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
7th BB practice @ BC 7:00-8:30

Sat., Nov. 17
6th GBB vs JMS @ WMS 8:00/8:45
6th BB vs JMS @ FMS 9:30/10:15
8th BB practice Edison 11:00-1:00

Looking Ahead:

Explore Test for 8th graders- Tuesday, Nov. 20
Fundraiser delivery-Tuesday, Nov. 20
1:30 dismissal on Wednesday, Nov. 21
Thanksgiving Break-Nov. 22 and Nov. 23
Lottery for 2008-2009 on Nov. 30