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Tuesday announcements

September 25, 2007

Today is Tuesday, September 25, 2007, and it is a B day.

On Monday, October 1, we will host the city Cross Country meet at Lincoln Park. All five middle schools will compete. We are asking for volunteers to help with this meet. Please call 525-3236 if you can help!

The 7th and 8th grade girls played two great basketball games against Christ the King on Monday. The 7th grade girls did not succeed in their defense against CTK, but the 8th grade girls pulled out a 1 point win!

Cross country will have practice at Lincoln Park on Wednesday until 4:00.

We have more computer bags! Please send a check or cash in the amount of $10.00 to the main office.

On Wednesday, Dr. Sandercock will offer sports' physical at LMS. The cost is $10.00, cash or check. This is an opportunity to get your physical for basketball, volleyball, or track, as they are good for one calendar year. Please call the office (525-3236) to reserve a spot.

The Cross country meet for Tuesday in East Peoria has been cancelled.

Boys who are interested in 6th grade basketball need to go to the try-outs at BOTH Ball Charter and LMS. There seems to be confusion, because of our co-operative agreement with Ball Charter for sports. Students from both schools are invited to all of the try-outs.

Tuesday, Sept. 25
IMSA 2:30-4:00
6th BB tryouts @ LMS 5:00-7:00
7th BB open gym @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
8th BB open gym @ Ball Charter 7:00-8:00
7th/8th GBB combination practice @ Ball Charter 3:30-5:00
PTO 5:30

Wednesday, Sept. 26
Cross Country practice @ Lincoln Park 2:30-4:00
Jazz Band
GBB practice @ Ball Charter
7th 3:30-5:00
8th 4:30-6:00
Sports physicals @ LMS for $10.00

Thurs., Sept. 27
6th BB team practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
CC meet @ Lincoln Park (H) 4:00
Show Choir
Activity buses
6th BB tryouts @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00
GBB practice -To be announced
6th GBB @ LMS 5:30-7:30
7th BB open gym @ Ball Charter 7:00-8:00

Fri., Sept. 28
CC practice @ LMS
Activity buses
6th GBB practice @ Ball Charter 3:30-5:00
6th BB team practice @ Ball Charter 5:00-7:00

Sat., Sept. 29
6th GBB game @ Washington Middle School
9:30 B team
10:15 A team
CC Invitational @ Jacksonville 2:00


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