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Tuesday Announcements

September 10, 2007

Today is Tuesday, September 11, 2007, and it is an A day.

This is the 6th anniversary of the terrorist attack on American soil in 2001. Many of you were very young when that event took place, but we all need to remember how it affected our country. The attacks tested our strength as people, and as a nation. We discovered that we have the strength to help each other and show compassion. Please remember this when you witness an act of disrespect toward another person; don't be silent! You have an obligation to ask the disrespectful person to stop, or to tell an adult. We need to look out for each other, and for ourselves.

Dear Leo is here to help YOU! The Leopard Link will now have a new advice column called Dear Leo. Students may submit questions they wanted answered by Leo. All questions may not appear in the paper, but we'll try answer as many as possible. See your teacher or Mrs. Murdock for a form.

The PTO fundraiser ended last Friday. If students have orders to turn in, they will still qualify for our prizes (dance ticket, ice cream party, etc.), but not the Limo ride or other large prizes.

Students who were invited to be part of the IMSA E2K+ after-school program need to get their packets in by Tuesday afternoon.

The boys baseball team has their first regional game in Pittsfield today. The game starts at 4:30. Good luck to Coach Davis and the team!

Tuesday, Sept. 11
Baseball Regional game @ Pittsfield 4:30
CC meet @ Lincoln Park 3:30
GBB practice @ Ball Charter
7th grade 3:30-5:00
8th grade 4:30-6:00
Activity buses

Wednesday, Sept. 12
GBB practice @ Ball Charter
7th grade 3:30-5:00
8th grade 4:30-6:00
Jazz Band
CC practice @ LMS
Activity buses

Thursday, Sept. 13
CC meet in Petersburg/Porta
GBB vs JMS @ Ball Charter (H) 4:30
Show Choir
Activity buses
6th GBB practice @ LMS 5:30-7:00

Friday, Sept. 14
BETA meeting- current members only!
CC practice @ LMS
Activity buses
GBB practice @ Ball Charter
7th grade and 8th grade combined 3:30-5:30

Saturday, Sept. 15
CC invitational meet @ Franklin, Il 10:00


Friday, September 21
No school for students- Professional Development for teachers

Wednesday, Sept. 26
Sports physicals @ LMS for $10.00