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Tuesday Announcements

August 28, 2007

Today is Tuesday, August 28, and it is a B day!

A large group of motivated students stayed after school on Monday to find out more about Cross Country. This sport involves running a two-mile course, usually in a park or rural setting. The weather was cooler than last week, and the students did a great job stretching, running, and encouraging each other. The first meet will be next week. Good job, CC Team!

For our 7th grade One-to-One Tecnology grant recipients (laptops!), we are offering some computer accessories. We have padded computer bags with shoulder straps for $10.00. We also have clear keyboard "skins" which protect the keys from dirt, dust and crumbs. Both items are available in the main office.

This Thursday, August 30th, is our Meet the Teacher night at LMS. The PTO will be serving BBQ dinners from 5:30-7:00. We will stagger the welcoming in the gym to accomodate our crowds. 6th grade welcome in the gym will be at 6:00, 7th grade at 6:30, and 8th grade at 6:45. We will also offer several items for sale, including the computer accessories, Agenda Mates, pre-paid yearbook forms, spirit wear forms, etc. Come and join us!

Here are the upcoming events:

Monday, Aug.27
Cross Country Meeting/practice 2:30-4:00
Girls' 7th and 8th basketball open gym 3:30-5:00 @ Ball Charter

Tuesday, Aug. 28
Cross Country Practice 2:30-4:00 @ Lincoln Park
Softball game in Pleasant Plains
PTO 5:30-6:30

Wednesday, Aug. 29
Cross Country Practice 2:30-4:00 @ Lincoln Park
Girls' 7th/8th basketball Open Gym @ Ball Charter, 3:30-5:00
Softball Game

Thursday, Aug. 30
Girls' 7th grade basketball try-outs 3:30-5:00 @ Ball Charter
Meet the Teacher @ LMS from 6:00-7:15

Friday, Aug. 31
Cross Country Practice 2:30-4:00 @ Lincoln Park
Girls/ 8th grade basketball try-outs 3:30-5:00 @ Ball Charter

Monday, Sept. 3

Tuesday, Sept. 4
Cross Country Meet at Lincoln Park 3:30

Wednesday, Sept. 5
Cross Country practice @ LMS 2:30-4:00