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Announcements 9/14

September 11, 2020

Good Morning Leopards!!! Today is Monday, September 14th

**Remember everyone should be logged into their Canvas accounts today** Attendance Counts! 

Happy Birthday Shout Out to Vincente D., Nola S., and Grace Y.!!!

ART "Challenge": Mrs. Minch will be hosting an Inktober challenge for LMS throughout the month of October.  Here is your first opportunity for a Club experience this new school year. Look on the LMS website, as well as Mrs. Minch's teacher page for all the details! You don't have to be an art student to participate. We at Lincoln Magnet will be sharing our drawings in weekly Zoom meetings and collecting our favorites to share with others in a presentation. Sounds like fun!!

ZOOM and Discipline: Students, please remember that you are still considered in school and all handbook policies and discipline procedures still apply. Please read your handbook in regards to technology violations and consequences. Those students who receive referrals for said violations, can possibly risk loosing Zooming privileges, which will impact their remote learning. 

National Calendar Day: Today is "National Cream Filled Donut Day" and "National Hoagie Day"!! Cream filled donuts are exactly what the name suggests. Bakeries have become creative with their fillings, but also with their toppings! A hoagie is a sandwich, also known as a sub, grinder, hero, or po'boy. As long as it consists of meat, cheese, veggies, sauce, and seasoning on french bread, then my darlings it qualifies!



Monday, Sept. 14th

Softball Game v. Riverton @4:30pm- Riverton Middle School 

Tuesday, Sept. 15th

Softball Practice @5:30-7:00pm- Lawless Park

Baseball Practice @5:30pm-7:00pm- SE

Cross Country Meet @4:30pm- Lincoln Park

Wednesday, Sept. 16th

Softball Practice @5:30-7:00pm- Lawless Park

Baseball Practice @5:30pm-7:00pm- SE