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Announcements 11/30

November 30, 2020

Hola Leopards! Today is Monday, November 30th. Tomorrow is the start of the last month for 2020!

It's an Asynchronous Learning Day for everyone today!

Welcoming Ritual: Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. This week reach out and lift someone up!

Sports Update: Due to new mandates and regulations by the Governor, we will not have open gym or contact days in December. Our fingers are crossed that we will still get to have Boys Basketball and Girls Vollyeball start in January. Please remember that you must have an up-to-date physical to be on the team so if you have time, get it now, just in case ;)

THANK YOU: Thank you to all those that participated in our spirit week of dressing up, showing your spirit and pride in LMS. Photos of the different days will be posted next week!

National Calendar Day: Today is "Computer Security Day". Computer Security Day on November 30th reminds us to protect our computers. Every day, computers become faster and more advanced. Protecting the resources, tools, and information on them protects the people who use them, too. As a Leopard, we should be participating in this everyday and following our technology plan!

"National Personal Space Day": National Personal Space Day on November 30th promotes kindness toward sensitivities and supports healing and self-protection by recognizing everyone’s right to decide when and how to be touched. Touch can hurt. Many Bacteria and viruses can harm. The day provides an opportunity to be aware of a person’s unspoken need for space or a gentler and welcomed touch. The peace symbol is used to raise the voice of the wearer.