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Google Tools

Google Books

Search full text of over 10 million books.
A guide to using Google Books

Google News Timeline

Great way to get a timeline on events. Includes scanned newspaper collection.

Google Maps

Search for your topic. For example, try Iroquois Theater Fire, Chicago.


Time Magazine

Comprehensive articles on topics from 1942.

Life Magazine

Search for pictures by subject, date and location.

Life Photo Archive

Hosted by Google, photo archive from 1750.

Illinois History Periodicals

Search all Illinois Periodicals online quickly.


Chicago History Museum

History Fair Bibliographies

Smithsonian History Explorer

Bring history to life with artifacts, primary sources, and online tools for the classroom. Easy to search for primary sources.


More on History Fairs

Chicago History Education Center

A wonderful resource to help you create an effective display

Primary Sources

Information on locating and using primary sources

Student History Fair Handbook

This site includes everything you need to know about the Illinois History Fair, including paper and project requirements.

Additional Resources

National History Day Rule Book

The rule book contains the guidelines for papers and projects.

Project Examples

On this website you will find examples of all types of projects, including website examples. Check them out!

National History Day Weebly

Use this site to create your history fair website. You must sign up through this website rather than the regular Weebly website.

Weebly for Beginners

This is a helpful site for those who are creating their first Weebly! It includes basic information as well as a link where you can ask any questions you may have.


Links to primary source material and 15 historic panoramas, video and audio.

Creating a Documentary

A short piece of advice from Cspan.

Search Tips

Great introduction to good searching skills.

Easy Bib

Create your bibliography here. Create an account with your gaggle email.

iTunes U Jazz Insights

Just one example of many resources in iTunes U