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Click here to connect to the Lincoln Library and all their wonderful resources! Your library card # is 3260000------- (the last 7 digits are your student ID # from your cumulative folder)

What Should I Read Next?

Need help deciding what to read next? Check out this great website to make the decision easier!

Books in a Series

Find books in a series, or the order of books in a series with this great website from Bettendord Public Library!

Literature Map

Find books by similar authors on this cool website!

MLA/APA research citation styles

Find all the details, rules and examples for writing research papers in a specific citation style.

Lexile Levels

Find suggested book titles based on grade and Lexile level.

Lincoln Magnet School Library Expectations

Be Respectful •Use indoor voices. •Listen to and follow directions. Be Responsible •Stay on task. •Talking should be about books. •Use appropriate language. •Ask for help when needed Be Safe •Treat books, furniture, and computers with care. •Push in your chair. •Clean up after yourself. •Return books on time. •Students may check out 2 books. •Books are due to be returned or renewed 3 weeks from the date of checkout. •If 1 or both books become overdue, the student will not have book checkout privileges until the overdue books are returned or renewed.