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Kierra Doss Peace Award

May 22, 2020

The Kierra Doss Peace Award was created in May 2018 to honor Mrs. Doss, a former Lindsay Teacher, who unexpectedly passed away. This award is given to a student in fifth grade who exemplifies the characteristics that Mrs. Doss possessed. Students who exemplify the following traits: positive, kind, caring, peaceful, shows humility and brings sunshine with them wherever they go were considered for this award. Teachers and staff members are invited to nominate students to receive this award. This year we had many amazing nominations! We are impressed with the character of these students and the amazing role models they have been for others. We are very proud to have all of the nominees as a part of the Lindsay Family and we wish them luck and success in the future.

Award Recipient: Selena

Award Nominees: Madisyn, Calvin, Miles, Caden, Kate