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Drop Off and Dismissal Procedures 2008-2009

August 1, 2008

Parents can drop their students off in the circle drive in the mornings. This drop off should take place between 8:40-8:50. Buses begin arriving at 8:50 so parent vehicles should not be in the circle drive at that time. It is not safe when cars and buses are both trying to drop students off. Drop off can also take place past the coned area in the back. Park on the south side of the dumpster and walk your child to the playground. NO students are allowed in the parking lot area without an adult. Safety always comes first for our students.

Dismissal Procedures
For the safety of all the students at Marsh, we are continuing the dismissal procedures that were put in place last year. ALL students will be dismissed at 3:25pm. Bus riders will be walked to the gym. These students will sit in their correct bus line and wait to be led to their bus by a teacher or the principal. SCOPE students will go directly to the library at 3:25.

Car riders and walkers will be dismissed from the two back doors. They will stay with their teacher until they reach the cones. Parents must park behind the orange cones. PLEASE DO NOT move the cones or drive past them. This is for the safety of ALL our students. You can meet your student on the playground area then escort them back to the car. No child will be allowed to walk in the parking lot without an adult. Any student not picked up by 3:35 will be taken into the office. Our goal is always safety for all students!

I appreciate your cooperation with these procedures for the safety of all our children. Mrs. Wanless