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Enhanced Dress Code at Matheny-Withrow

July 10, 2013

Last year our parents and families overwhelmingly voiced their opinions to have an enhanced dress code. At the last school board meeting this dress code was approved. Starting the first day of school August 21, 2013, students will be required to wear the following attire:
Blue, Black or Kaki pants, shorts or skirts
Plain color, collared Polo shirts without writing or emblems (any color)
Belts must be worn with pants and shorts
*Read 5 t-shirts, Jump Start t-shirts or our school logo t-shirt may also be worn
Kmart has a 20% off sale this week on uniform attire.
Saturday, July 13 9:30-11:00 Graham School will be hosting a new and used uniform sale. Parents of all students from all schools with a dress code are invited to stop by and shop.