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Matheny-Withrow Elementary School

1200 Pope Ave
Springfield, IL 62703

Please review the video of the importance of social or physical distancing. 




Below is the hand washing steps to follow. 



This video shows safe ways to greet our friends and teachers when we return to school. 



We want to review with our Mustangs how to appropriately wear a mask at school. This can be reviewed with your child at home and will be reviewed as school also. 


We want all of our Mustangs who will be participating in hybrid learning to be prepared for returning to school. This video will help walk through what to expect upon arrival. We are so excited to see you back!! 



Matheny Mustangs are welcomed  back to school with encouraging words, fist bumps and high fives! We appreciate the community support! It's going to be an amazing year!





Please attend our 2nd APTT to celebrate your child's Math and Reading progress and learn new Math and Literacy skills!



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