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What do I do after graduation?

Post-secondary plans are essential for graduating students. The online program works closely with our students to develop those plans, including job preparation. Workshops are held in the classroom, representatives from local colleges hold information sessions, and a class called Career Essentials helps students prepare for obtaining a job.

Employers are looking for candidates with basic skill levels needed to do the job. In their initial screening employers look at certain areas to decide who will get a call for an interview and who does not qualify. Here are some of today's employer expectations:

What will get you an interview?
*A clear, legible application
*High school diploma or GED
*History of reliability (how is your school attendance?)
*Basic computer skills
*Working knowledge of popular software
*Customer service skills
*Basic understanding of office procedures

What will get you the job?
*Ability to communicate effectively
*Appropriate appearance
*A positive attitude
*Interest in the job
*Initiative and problem solving skills
*Team player
*Goals for the future
*Flexibility and adaptability