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Ridgely's K-5 Device and Materials Pick-up Monday, August 24

August 23, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2020 is device roll-out and our first round of materials pick-up at Ridgely School. 

 If you are not the person who will be picking up your child’s technology for home-based learning, please share this information with the person who will be coming to school on  Monday,August 24 between 11:00-2:00. Parents of PreK students will be picking up their devices at a late date and more information will be shared with you during your virtual home visits. 

With so many families coming to school, Principal Gilmore is requesting everyone follow the same procedures. Please drive up Ridgely School on the Percy Street side in the same direction as last year (driving west to east). You will wait on Percy Street until it is your turn to pull into the driveway to pick up your child or children’s devices. Once you pull into the driveway there will be two pick-up lanes. If you are a Kindergarten through second grade parent, please pull up using the left lane. If you have a child in grades 3-5, please pull up in the right lane. If you have children in grades from both lanes then you get to pull up in either lane, roll down both windows and just let staff on both sides of your vehicle know. 

When it is your turn to pick up the device please have your photo ID ready to show one of the volunteers. You will not be getting out of your car. You will be given a gallon baggie with the device, power cord, math workbook, information sheet with directions for care and cleaning as well as music and art materials. Since school is still a week away, each grade level will be contacting you about another pick up day in a few weeks for grade specific materials. You do not need to sign an agreement form-you already signed it on registration day.  You are then free to go.  We will post class lists on August 30 and on Monday, August 31 we will have a virtual open house so please check the school website. 

Please note, this device pick-up schedule is only for parents who completed the entire registration process by last Friday at noon. The computer system can't assign a student a device until the registration process has been completed. In additon, if you are not able to pick up your child's device on Monday, please call the school at 525-3259 or stop by beginning on Tuesday for the items. A device has been assigned to every student in the building with the assumption each child will be using a school device.

This year all of our students will be using iPads. We have purchased specific apps for various subject areas which will be loaded as well new ones pushed out to your child's device during the year. 

Finally, if you need a hot spot due to wifi issues, please let the volunteer know. We do not have them at school yet but will put in a request to reserve one for you. Families who do need a hot spot only require one device per household. Multiple devices can access wifi from one hotspot. 

See you on Monday from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.!