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Student Technology Information

September 4, 2021
iPad expectations

Technology use is a integrated part of learning this year at Ridgely School. This year, iPads will be sent home every day with your child. Fifth grade students have received Chromebooks. Please review the expectations sheet below with your child.

Use and Care Expectations

Your child’s teacher will be reviewing with your student the appropriate care and use expectations for these learning tools. The expectation will be for students to bring their iPad/Chromebook to school each day fully charged. Since students are also bringing water bottles to school, please ensure the bottle of liquid does not come in contact with the iPad in the book bag. The care sheet below highlights some of Ridgely’s expectations.

Returning iPads Daily to School

The expectation for this weekend is for students to begin the habit of taking home their iPad and returning it to school on the next school day. Your child’s teacher will begin next week working with your child to link the subscription programs with access codes for your child. 

Power Cord and Block

The cord and power block your child was provided for the iPad is for home use and charging and can remain at home in a designated area. Each classroom will have several cords available on those occasions when a child forgets to return his or her iPad fully charged. 


This year with students being in-person at school each day, if there are technology issues, please let your child’s teacher know. We will be able to address those issues the following day. 


If wifi connectivity issues are a barrier to learning in your house then please let your child’s teacher know. At this time, we have a very limited supply of hotspots available. Each hotspot should be able to provide connectivity for up to 10 devices in the same household. The hotspots are battery operated so they must be charged periodically.