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Meet the Sandburg staff video
Sandburg's Start to the Morning

News 4 hours ago Click to take a look to see how Sandburg's morning starts each day...

Sandburg's New Family Liaison

News 4 days ago        Sandburg’s staff has always worked tirelessly to build relationships with families and...

Sandburg: Calling the Office

News 4 days ago From 3:20 - 3:40, our first priority is the dismissal process and making sure that all 271 students get on the correct...

Sandburg: The Parent - Teacher Relationship

News 4 days ago The importance of a strong working relationship between a child and the teacher is easy enough to understand....

Taking Care of Sandburg iPads: A Video Tutorial

News Sep 3 When you get a Sandburg iPad, it's a big priviledge that comes with big responsibility.  Check out our new video for some helpful tips about what to do and what not to do with your Sandburg iPad.  Click here.

Sandburg: Taking Care of Your iPad

News Sep 2 Having an iPad as a learning tool is a big priviledge that comes with big responsibility.  Please make sure you review these expectations with your Sandburg student.  Click here.

Sandburg: Respect Yourself! Respect Others! Respect Property!

News Aug 29 Be listening for these words to come home frequently with your child....

Sandburg: Every Minute of Learning Counts

News Aug 29 It’s important that every child gets the most out of each day of learning at school....

Sandburg: Reading With Your Child

News Aug 29 One thing that sets good readers apart is the questions they ask themselves while they are reading....

Welcome Back to Sandburg

News Aug 29 Welcome back to school!  For those who are returning to Sandburg, it’s a pleasure to have you back....

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