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Sandburg: Staying Involved in your Child's Learning

News 4 days ago When you think of parent involvement, do you picture moms and dads volunteering in classrooms?  That’s one...

Calling the Sandburg Office

News 4 days ago From 3:20 - 3:40, our first priority is the dismissal process and making sure that all 270 students get on the correct...

Sandburg's "Watch Me Learn" Family Event and Family Lunch

Photos 5 days ago Thanks to everyone who spent yesterday afternoon with us!  We had over 120 visitors in our classrooms watching learning.  Parents got to see students learning about "more than"


Photos Sep 20 What a beautiful night we had for our Camp-themed Family Reading Night!  We had performers on the microphone reading poetry.  We also learned more about AVID and reading comprehensio

Sandburg's LITTLE FREE LIBRARY is Open for Business

Photos Sep 18 What an beautiful day we had for the dedication of our LITTLE FREE LIBRARY.  Thanks to Mrs. Wells' great idea to have one on property and the generosity of St. John's Lutheran Chu

Sandburg's Summer Readers Visit Barnes & Noble

Photos Sep 12 Thanks to our PTC, all of the Sandburg boys and girls who read at least 1,500 minutes over the course of the summer got to take a field trip to Barnes & Noble to purchase a new book!

Sandburg's Flag and Military Family Recognition Ceremony

Photos Sep 10 We had a beautiful morning for our flagpole celebration.  We honored Sandburg's military families and learned about The National Anthem.  We also learned about the histo

Sandburg's Capri Sun/Splash Party

Photos Sep 1 Boys and girls who have been showing respect for themselves, respect for others, and respect for property got to participate

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