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Meet the Sandburg staff video
Sandburg's Home - School Agreement: The Principal's Role

News Jan 13 This is a good time of year to revisit the Home/School Agreement that each of us signed in the fall of this school year...

Sandburg: Helping Your Child Start the New Year Off Right

News Jan 13 So much of the success that children have in school depends on what happens in their homes....

Sandburg: The Quarantine Quandary

News Jan 13 If your child ends up having to quarantine and cannot come to school, we promise we will make sure work is...

Sandburg: The Parent / Teacher Relationship

News Jan 13 The following article is taken from an interview with Ron Clark, author of  The End of Molasses Classes: Getting...

Sandburg: When Did Your Child Last Sign THE BOOK of SUCCESS?

News Jan 13 Success in school is a process, not a single event!  The process is filled with  milestones every day....

Sandburg: What Does it Mean to be an AVID School?

News Jan 13 We are very proud to be an AVID school.  But what does that mean?  At Sandburg, it means our focus is on...

Sandburg: Love for Lanphier

News Nov 22 The Sandburg staff sends love and support for Lanphier students, staff, families, and community. 🧡🧡

Thankful at Sandburg

News Nov 22 It’s the end of November!  This time of year, our thoughts turn to things for which we’re thankful...

Sandburg: Four Things NOT to Say to Your Child About Homework

News Nov 22 If you've got a child who's frustrated by homework, it can be tough to stay calm, cool, and collected....

Sandburg: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

News Nov 22 Please remember to send your child dressed appropriately for winter weather....

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