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Sandburg's Most Recent Data Snapshot (MAP testing)

Photos Feb 10 Take a look and see how our classes are progressing on the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) math and reading tests.

Sandburg's Home - School Agreement: The Teacher's Role

News Feb 3 In our last issue of Sandburg Sayings, we revisited the principal’s role as defined in our Home/School Agreement...

A Sandburg Fun Fact

News Feb 3 Since the fall of 2016, Sandburg teachers have written grants that have been funded from competitive sources outside of...

Sandburg: A Great Resource for Students and Parents

News Feb 3 Sometimes it’s difficult to find books that interest a particular child....

Sandburg: Responding to Errors in Your Child's Reading

News Feb 3 Based on the way most of us were taught to read, we tell children to “sound it out” when they come to a...

Sandburg: More Screen Time for Toddlers is Tied to Poorer Development

News Feb 3 Among toddlers, spending a lot of time staring at screens is linked with poorer performance on developmental screening...

Sandburg: The Importance of School Attendance

News Feb 3 Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and  academic performance and...

Sandburg: What Does It Mean to Be An AVID School?

News Jan 22 We are very proud to be an AVID school.  But what does that mean?  At Sandburg, it means our focus is on...

Sandburg's Home - School Agreement: The Principal's Role

News Jan 22 This is a good time of year to revisit the Home/School Agreement that each of us signed in the fall of this school year...

Sandburg: The Parent / Teacher Relationship

News Jan 22 The following article is taken from an interview with Ron Clark, author of  The End of Molasses Classes: Getting...

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