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Sandburg's Family Trivia Night

Yesterday Family Trivia Night is Friday, January 10! This is a great event for Sandburg families.  The whole family can play for just $10! Great prizes for Sandburg students.  Pizza dinner can be purchased beginning at 6:00 that night.  The trivia game begins at 7:00.  Look for more details coming in your child's Wednesday folder.

Sandburg: Learning and Things From Home Don't Mix

Yesterday Here’s a riddle for you: Q: What do lip gloss, a pocketful of money, jewelry, and toys have in common? A: These things have shown up at Sandburg School lately and have taken learning time away from your child. Please be vigilant in helping us keep distractions from learning out of your child’s school day. The items listed above have shown up at Sandburg. Often, they get passed to another student as a token of friendship. READ MORE

Whew! It's cold at Sandburg!

Yesterday Please remember to send your child dressed appropriately for winter weather.  A warm coat, gloves, and a hat are very important.  Students should have boots to keep their feet warm and dry as well.  Children will be outside in the morning before school and at lunch recess unless the temperature or the wind chill is 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below.  We make every effort to give children a daily opportunity to run, play and socialize outdoors with friends. READ MORE

Sandburg's MUST READ books for 2019

Yesterday Are you doing holiday shopping?  Books always make a terrific present.  Consider buying a book as a gift for your child.  Here is a list of “Must Read Books” put together by the experts -- our teachers!  Consider adding one of these titles to your shopping list this year and give yourself the gift of spending time together reading with your child!  Click here!

Preparing for Parent/Teacher Conferences at Sandburg

Oct 21, 2019 Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for next week.  Attending this conference is one of the most important ways to support your child’s education.  At this meeting, we will celebrate your child’s successes, discuss areas where your child might need to focus more attention and talk about what we can do to help your child meet with continued success.   If you are unable to attend your conference, please call your child’s teacher to reschedule. READ MORE

Sandburg: Staying Involved in your Child's Learning

Oct 11, 2019 When you think of parent involvement, do you picture moms and dads volunteering in classrooms?  That’s one way to help, but research shows that supporting your child’s education at home is even more important.  Here are three conversations that will help you stay involved.   “Let’s see what you brought home tonight.” Look at completed work to find out what your child is learning and how well he’s doing. READ MORE

Calling the Sandburg Office

Oct 11, 2019 From 3:20 - 3:40, our first priority is the dismissal process and making sure that all 270 students get on the correct bus; to scope; home in the right car; or walking home in the ight direction.  During this window of time, we do not answer the telephone so our focus can remain on what’s important -- getting all of the children home safely.

Meet the Rockin' Sandburg Staff

Aug 22, 2019 Click here to meet the superstars who are going to make a difference in your child's life this year!

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