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Sandburg's Home/School Agreement: The Parent's Role

February 26, 2019

In the last two issues of Sandburg Sayings, we revisited the principal’s and teacher’s roles as defined in our Home/School Agreement that each of us signed in the fall of this school year.  The Home/School Agreement is a promise in good faith that outlines each of our roles in educating the children of Sandburg School.  Below is the role of the parent.  Please take some time to review this information with your child.  It’s important to do these things in order for your child to get the best education possible.

As a parent of a Sandburg student, I will:

  • See that my child attends school daily and arrives on time.

  • Support the school in its effort to provide a safe and orderly learning environment for all.

  • Require my child to follow the expected school behaviors as outlined in my copy of                     The Student Success Guide.

  • See that my child has completed all homework assignments on a nightly basis.

  • Have my child read 20 minutes each evening and initial the reading calendar.

  • Review the Wednesday folder and its contents with my child, sign it, and return it the following day.

Thank you for taking your role in your child’s education so seriously.  We appreciate everything you do to support the education of the children and demonstrating co-responsibility for their education.  In the next issue of Sandburg Sayings, we’ll revisit the student’s role in the educational process.