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Sandburg: Thinking About Next Year

April 10, 2019

It’s amazing to think that we have less than eight weeks of school remaining in this  school year. These next weeks are crucial!  Please continue to support your child’s education by maintaining high expectations for both academics and behavior.  As playing outdoors and being with friends takes an important role in your child’s life these next few weeks, please continue to check over homework, read with your child nightly, sign the nightly reading calendar, and remain in contact with your child’s teacher.  Working together we can have a great finish to your child’s school year!

This is also the time that we begin to think of the next school year.  If you are already thinking about next year as well, please keep in mind that the teachers and I will be working together to place students in the best academic setting possible for the 2019-2020 school year.  Many factors go into these classroom placements.  If you have any information such as your child’s academic needs, learning style, etc. that you think would be helpful in the placement process for next year, you are welcome to put that information in writing to Mr. Kincaid by Tuesday, April 30.  We are not looking for requests for specific teachers.  Correspondence that arrives after April 30 or requests a specific teacher will be returned.  Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to place children in the best educational environment possible.