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Every Minute Counts at Sandburg

August 21, 2019

It’s important that every child gets the most out of each day of learning at school.  One way we strive toward this goal is by providing continuous learning from 9:00 - 3:30 each and every day.  You can help! 

~ Please make sure your child is on time to school.  Learning begins at 9:00.  If your child is late for school, not only has he missed learning, but his late arrival will interrupt learning for an entire class of students.

~ Refrain from picking your child up “just a few minutes early” unless it is an absolute emergency.  Again, when early pick ups occur, your child misses out on important learning and his early departure interrupts the learning for the other children in the classroom.

~ If picking up your child early from school is unavoidable, your child will be called down from the classroom when you arrive at school.  Please do not ask the office to “have your child waiting for you,” as this takes away additional precious learning time from your child.  Thanks for your cooperation!