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Sandburg's Home - School Agreement: The Student's Role

March 4, 2020

As the weather warms up, it’s often tempting to put less emphasis on school.  Although this is a natural temptation, it’s not in the best interest of our children.  With a quarter of the school year left, it’s important for boys and girls to “give it all they’ve got.”  Just as a coach wouldn’t allow a winning sports team to “coast” through the last quarter of the game, it’s important that as parents we don’t let our “winning students” coast through the last quarter of the school year.  It’s also important that we don’t send a message to our children that “the school year is pretty much over.”  Sticking with the sports team analogy, think of what would happen if your favorite baseball team took this approach:  “We’ve worked hard through the third quarter of the game...we’ll take it easy now.”  What would happen to your favorite sports team if they behaved this way?  They’d do poorly.  So will your child if this is the approach that is taken.


Shown  below is the role of the student as outlined in our Home/School Agreement.  Please take some time to sit down with your child and review his or her role.  In order for a student to receive the full benefits of schooling, each child must assume some of the responsibility and be an active participant in the educational process:

As a student at Sandburg School, I will:

  • Work hard and do my best every day.

  • Ask questions when I don’t understand.

  • Finish class assignments.

  • Show respect for myself, others, and property as outlined in my copy of The Student Success Guide.

  • Follow all school and classroom rules and expectations.

  • Pay attention in class.

  • Take papers home, share them with my family, and have notes signed.

  • Bring homework home, do it, and return it to school.

  • Read 15-20 minutes every day at home and have my nightly reading calendar signed.

  • Bring my bookbag and needed supplies to school each day.

Thank you for reviewing the student’s role with your children and requiring them to fulfill their role in getting a quality education.