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Preparing for Parent - Teacher Conferences at Sandburg

October 22, 2021

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for next week.  Attending this conference is one of the most important ways to support your child’s education.  At this meeting, we will celebrate your child’s successes, discuss areas where your child might need to focus more attention and talk about what we can do to help your child meet with continued success.   If you are unable to attend your conference, please call your child’s teacher to reschedule. All teachers have some vacancies to accommodate changing schedules.  In order for your conference to be profitable, here is some food for thought:

You May Want to Ask Your Child’s Teacher:

  • In what areas is my child doing well?  

  • Where do you see his/her strengths academically?

  • In what areas is my child having difficulty?

  • Does s/he show appropriate behavior in the classroom?  On the playground?

  • Is my child’s reading comprehension suitable for his/her grade level?

  • How does my child do in math?  Does s/he know the basic math facts?

  • Can my child express thoughts and ideas clearly?

  • How is his/her written communication?

  • Does my child participate in class willingly?  When called upon?

  • How does my child get along with other children?

  • What can I do to support my child’s learning at home?

You May Want to Tell Your Child’s Teacher:

  • How your child perceives his/her school experience.

  • The kinds of responsibilities your child handles at home.

  • If anything is happening at home that may affect your child’s school performance.

  • How you view your child’s strengths, needs and other important information.

In order to make the most of your time together with the teacher, jot down any questions you have before your conference and take them with you.