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Sandburg: Helping Your Child Start the New Year Off Right

January 13, 2022

So much of the success that children have in school depends on what happens in their homes. With the school year close to half over, now is a good time to evaluate if you are on the right track in making it easier for your children to succeed in school. If these are things that you should be doing, why not consider some of them as your New Year's resolutions?

     ~ Are you communicating enthusiasm for learning to your children?

     ~ Are you teaching your children how to get along with other children and adults?

     ~ Are you giving your children the help required to learn basic skills?

     ~ Are you teaching your children how to organize their homework time?

     ~ Are you limiting your children's screen time?

     ~ Are you talking to your children about what happened at school every day?

Never stop communicating to your children the importance of education and hard work, and they will acquire these values. Remember that children are in school for 1,100 hours each year. Children are out of school 7,655 hours each year. What families do during those 7,655 hours is more important to a child's success than any other factor!