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Sandburg: The Surprising Reasons Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine (part 2)

News May 16 In the last issue of Sandburg Sayings newsletter, I shared the first portion of an article  written by Michelle Borba, an educational psychologist, entitled: The Surprising Reasons Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine     T

Sandburg: Being Rude. Being Mean. Being Bullied. What's the Difference?

News Apr 19 As parents, we are concerned about bullying, protecting our kids from it, and making sure their kids aren’t...

Sandburg: The Surprising Reasons Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine

News Apr 19 As an elementary school principal, one of the things I do “after hours” is read — a LOT....

Sandburg: Tips on Raising Caring Kids

News Apr 5 What does it take to raise a compassionate child?  Here are some suggestions for parents and teachers that are...

Sandburg: Why Read Aloud with Your Child?

News Apr 5 Parents read to children for all the same reasons we talk to them: to inform, to inspire, to caution, to entertain, and...

Sandburg's Home/School Agreement: The Student's Role

News Mar 25 As the weather warms up, it’s often tempting to put less emphasis on school....

Sandburg: Helping Your Child Be a Better Reader

News Mar 25 One thing that sets good readers apart is the questions they ask themselves while they are reading....

Sandburg: Learning and Things from Home Don't Mix

News Mar 25 Here’s a riddle for you: Q: What do lip gloss, a pocketful of money, jewelry, and toys have in common? A: These things have shown up at Sandburg School lately and have taken learning time away from your child. Please be vigilant in helping us kee

Sandburg's Hungry, Hungry Hippos

News Mar 10 One of our favorite Good Citizen events returned to Sandburg today.  Click here to take a look at all of the fun!

Sandburg: I Have A Dream

News Feb 27 On August 28, 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his now famous "I Have a Dream" speech....

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