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Sandburg's Home - School Agreement: The Parent's Role

News Feb 18 In the last two issues of Sandburg Sayings, we revisited the principal’s and teacher’s roles as defined in...

Sandburg: Responding to Errors in Your Child's Reading

News Feb 18 Based on the way most of us were taught to read, we tell children to “sound it out” when they come to a...

Sandburg: Healthy Eating? Better School Performance.

News Feb 18 One of the best ways you can boost your child’s ability to learn is to ensure he eats healthy meals....

Sandburg: What's Up With Head Lice?

News Feb 18 According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, head lice infestations in the United States are most...

Illinois Assessment of Readiness Testing at Sandburg

News Feb 18 This year, all 3rd - 5th grade students enrolled in Illinois Public Schools will be taking the IAR (Illinois Assessment...

Sandburg's Limo Ride

Photos Feb 5 The grand prize for the fundraiser this year was earned by 33 students!  A limo ride to Chuck E. Cheese.  Who could ask for anything more?

Snowflakes at Sandburg

Photos Feb 5 Snowing during dismissal?  No problem.  Try catching snowflakes on your tongue on the way to the bus!

Sandburg's Most Recent Data Snapshot (enVision Mid Year assessment)

Photos Jan 30 Take a look at how our boys and girls are performing on the grade level math test.  There has been a LOT of progress since the beginning of the year.  Congratulations, Sandburgers! 

Sandburg's Home-School Agreement: The Teacher's Role

News Jan 28 In our last issue of Sandburg Sayings, we revisited the principal’s role as defined in our Home/School Agreement...

Sandburg: The Importance of School Attendance

News Jan 28 Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and  academic performance and...

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