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Sandburg's Family Trivia Night

News Yesterday Family Trivia Night is Friday, January 10! This is a great event for Sandburg families....

Sandburg: Learning and Things From Home Don't Mix

News Yesterday Here’s a riddle for you: Q: What do lip gloss, a pocketful of money, jewelry, and toys have in common? A: These things have shown up at Sandburg School lately and have taken learning time away from your child. Please be vigilant in helping us kee

Whew! It's cold at Sandburg!

News Yesterday Please remember to send your child dressed appropriately for winter weather....

Sandburg's MUST READ books for 2019

News Yesterday Are you doing holiday shopping?  Books always make a terrific present.  Consider buying a book as a gift for your child.  Here is a list of “Must Read Books” put together by the experts -- our teachers!  Consider adding one of these titles to y

College Wear Wednesday at Sandburg

Photos Nov 20 It's College Wear Wednesday at Sandburg today!  Planning for the future!

Sandburg's 2nd and 3rd Grade Music Program

Photos Nov 14 Second and third grade students finished out our music program week in style.  Thanks to Mrs. Gilmore and our boys and girls for a wonderful show!  Take a look!

Sandburg's Kindergarten and 1st Grade Music Program

Photos Nov 13 It was another great evening of patriotic entertainment at Sandburg!  Thanks to all of our kindergarten and first grade students, as well as Mrs. Gilmore for another wonderful evening!  T

Sandburg's 4th and 5th grade Music Program

Photos Nov 12 Thanks to Mrs. Gilmore and our 4th and 5th grade students for a FANTASTIC musical tonight!  Be sure to join us Wednesday night at 7:00 for our kindergarten and 1st grade program.  Thursda

Sandburg PRIDE PATROL strikes again!

Photos Nov 6 The Sandburg Pride Patrol was out and about again knocking on doors and recognizing boys and girls who have been doing their very best at school.  Look for us again...coming soon to a front do

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