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Driver’s Education

Classroom Driver’s Education is usually taken during the freshman year of high school. According to the Illinois Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Secretary of State, students taking Driver’s Education have attendance requirements as well as prerequisite and ongoing grade requirements that may affect their ability to participate in Driver’s Education. The ISBE has created the following requirements:

  • Students must earn a passing grade in at least a semester course during the previous two semesters of study (i.e. students must pass at least one semester class during their 8thgrade year to take Driver’s Education first semester freshman year or students must pass at least one semester class during the Spring semester of the 8thgrade year or Fall semester of the Freshman year to take Driver’s Education second semester of Freshman year).

  • Student grades will continually be monitored throughout the classroom and behind-the-wheel experience to assure that each individual student is meeting the grade requirement previously stated.

  • Students whose grades do not meet this requirement any time before or during driver’s education will be delayed a permit, behind the wheel and/or final license approval.

  • The Secretary of State requires each student to be in attendance for Driver’s Education a minimum of 30 hours. This results in attendance policies specific to the quarter the student is taking the course. Students missing more than the allowed days will be dropped from classroom driver education and not receive credit for the course even if they are receiving a passing grade. Please note that all absences will be counted toward a classroom absence. These absences include excused absences for any reason, excused absences due to field trips or other in school activities, unexcused absences, in-house and out of school suspensions. This is due to ISBE and the Secretary of State’s requirements.

  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of classroom study and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training receiving a combined grade of A or B as well as pass an instructor-administered behind-the-wheel exam. Once the instructor-administered behind-the-wheel exam is passed, a student is awarded a Learners Permit once they are 15 years old. See https://www.dmv.com/il/illinois/learners-permitfor more information on the Learner’s Permit and Graduated Driver’s License process.

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Behind the Wheel

After a student successfully completes a 30 hour Classroom Driver’s Education, they will receive an opportunity to take Behind the Wheel, a 6 hour hands on driving experience with a certified driving instructor. A $100 behind the wheel (BTW) fee is required prior to completing BTW for any student whose family does not qualify for the reduced or waived fees due to financial status. The chief administrator of the nonpublic school or parent of a home school student must provide evidence to the public school that the student has received a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two semesters at the time the parent or guardian completes an official application for enrollment of the student in driver education.

An additional 50 hours of practice driving with a licensed adult who is 21 years old or older is required to receive a Driver’s License including 10 hours during the night. It is recommended to keep a log of the practice hours. When applying for a provisional driver's license, a parent/legal guardian will need to certify the completion of the driving practice. For more information, click on the Behind the Wheel heading.