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Students learning more about Advanced Placement programs while still in middle school!

5 days ago Grant Middle School - students are wearing AP t-shirts and learning more about Advanced Placement programs

Student Roundtable Visits

5 days ago Student Round Table students visited middle schools to help 8th grade students learn more about preparing for high school.

High School Preview Night

5 days ago Don't miss this: January 8th 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at ALL 3 high schools

Sangamon CEO - iVenturED

5 days ago Apply now at: https://sangamonceo.com Click apply in top right hand corner.   Link is for current Juniors to apply for next year’s Sangamon CEO program. The class is held at 7:15 in the morning at various locations. It is helpful if students have transportation and/or means to get to class daily. Students earn dual credit as well  

HS 101 Night

5 days ago What is high school all about?

CPR Certification

Nov 19, 2019 Construction Trades and IBEW students received their CPR training.

Workforce Equity Initiative @ LLCC

Nov 8, 2019 Through the WEI program, LLCC will serve more than 100 low-income students; 75% of whom must be African American.  There is a link below to the webpage that has information on the WEI program, including the training strands available. https://www.llcc.edu/student-services/open-door-program/open-door-wei/ Also, following is the direct link to the application for the program. READ MORE

Construction trades target high school and college students

Nov 8, 2019 Construction trades target high school and college students BY ERICK ZEPEDA As the construction trades are faced with both a growing number of retirements and projected growth, there is a strong demand for apprentices to fill vacant positions. With the cost of college attendance continuing to rise, an apprenticeship offers an earn-while-you-learn approach that allows you to get paid from day one. READ MORE

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