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Springfield Learning Academy

101 E. Laurel
Springfield, IL 62704
About Us

The Springfield Learning Academy, established in 2008, is an alternative high school that is designed to meet the needs of the non-traditional and truant students from the three Springfield Public High Schools. This program provides students with a more personalized learning environment that is highly structured and uses a quality curriculum to enhance learning and improve outcomes. One of the desired outcomes is to make learning more meaningful by linking it to life experiences, careers, and community, while providing adequate time and support for mastery of knowledge and skills.

The Springfield Learning Academy (SLA) has small class sizes that focus on cooperative and interactive learning strategies. The teacher/student ratio is 1:15. SLA serves students in need of a smaller learning environment, potential dropouts, chronic truants, and students with low attendance. Referrals come from the home school counselors or principals.

We want to encourage the building of self esteem and teach skills such as problem solving, character building, being responsible for one’s behavior, developing positive attitudes toward school and making choices that promote good citizenship. By building mutual, respectful relationships and providing rigorous instruction, we seek to provide a positive, safe, and secure school environment that is conductive to learning.

Dress Code

Springfield Learning Academy follows the District #186 dress code. Highlights for the boys are:

-pants/short must be worn at WAIST level
-a belt must be worn at all times, every day.
-shirts must have sleeves, and the content must be school appropriate

Highlights for girls:

-Shorts/skirts must be below your fingertips
-tank tops/spaghetti straps, strapless shirts are not acceptable
-girls must have their chest covered
-no facial piercings of any kind besides one in each earlobe, bandages are not acceptable to cover piercings
-no jeggings, leggings, etc