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Literacy Shift #1: Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction

Gale Student Resources in Context

This search engine is part of the District High School Library network. It can be used to find resources for student and staff use. The reading levels are included with the text. The advanced search tool allows teachers to search for text within a particular Lexile. Please see Susan Pennington for assistance with this site.


Newsela is an innovative way for students to build reading comprehension with nonfiction that's always relevant: daily news. The text are leveled, it’s easy to use, and it’s free.

Library of Congress

The US Library of Congress website is a fantastic place to find digital copies of more than ten million primary sources. To help you utilize the documents you can find on the site, visit the Library of Congress Teacher’s Page. The primary source center walks teachers through the process of locating documents on the site.


A wide variety of non-fiction articles for various content areas.

American Literary History

Online journal with contemporary articles related to American literature.

ProCon.org- The Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues

This site posts current, controversial and important issues and presents unbiased research for both sides of the issue. It also includes lessons plans.


Great videos and articles. Stream and download videos at home first.

National Archives Docs Teach

Seven free tools to create interactive learning activities based on any primary source in the National Archives: finding a sequence; focusing on details; making connections; mapping history; seeing the big picture; weighing the evidence; and interpreting data.

United States Holocaust Memorial Memorial Museum

Great primary source resources for educators.

Teen Tribune

There are many topics to choose from! Animals, Art, Entertainment, Opinion, Odd News, Current Events, etc. 
The website offers a critical thinking question at the end, and students can comment on the website and interact with students around the country.

Teaching and Learning with the New York Times

Lessons for subjects across the curriculum based on Times content.

Use The New York Times “Room for Debate” to Teach Argument

Describes how to use the New York Times blog “Room for Debate” to teach argument writing.

American Literature

The most-read articles about American literature; updated monthly.

World Digital Library

A database of more than 7,000 primary-source documents and images from around the world, sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, searchable by date, era, country, continent, topic, and type of research.

Kelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week

A great source for articles of the week on a variety of topics.

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Literacy Shift #2: Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational

Literacy Shift #3: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language

Lexile Analyzer

Find the Lexile level of any text following the directions on the following document.
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