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All freshmen, sophomore, and junior students will take first semester exams. Seniors may be exempt from 3 exams per semester. This exemption policy applies to all courses offered at Southeast High School. Exam exemption is based on absences, discipline, and quarter grades.

Qualifications for exam exemptions are as follows:

Freshman - 1 final exam exemption, second semester only
Sophomore - 2 final exam exemptions, second semester
Junior - 3 final exam exemptions, second semester only                                                                          Senior - 3 final exam exemptions per semester

On the exam exemption permission slip, the student will identify from
which exam(s) he or she expects to be exempt. (Simply having the form does not guarantee exemption; all criteria must be met and maintained.)

1. Absences:

  • Student must have 4 or fewer excused absences per class.

  • In-house counts as an excused absence.

  • School activities do not count as absences.

  • An un-excused absence will cause students to take exams.

  • College visits in excess of two total days will count as excused absences for purposes of exam exemption policy.

  • The number of absences from each individual class (not total days absent) and the grade from that particular class is used to determine the student’s eligibility. A student may be exempt from one exam, but required to take another.

2. Discipline:

  • If a student receives any type of out of school suspension, he/she is required to take the exam.

3. Grades: 

  • Exemption is determined per class. A student must have a “B” or better as his/her final grade for both quarters. Semester Grades • If a student has an “A” for one quarter and a “B” for the other quarter, and chooses not to take the exam, the lower of the two grades will be the semester grade. • If a student has an “A” for one quarter and a “B” for the other quarter, and elects to take the exam, semester grades are figured using all three grades, according to the current system.

Parental Consent Parents/guardians have three options if their student qualifies for exemption from an exam. The parent/guardian may:

  • Require his/her student to take the exam.

  • Allow the student to be exempt from the exam, but require him/her to attend school that day. The student would then report to an assigned location.

  • Allow the student to be exempt from the exam and also excuse him/her from school during the time for the exempted exam. IF A STUDENT DOES NOT RETURN A SIGNED FORM FROM HIS/HER PARENT BY THE DUE DATE, HE/SHE MUST TAKE THE EXAM. *CACC students do not attend CACC during finals. *Lunch will be served all three days.