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The IN Session Showchoir Handbook

June 12, 2017



1. All Show Choir members will attend all rehearsals and competitions or events, unless pre-approved by the director. Unexcused absences from rehearsals, practices, concerts, and/or performances will result in removal from the group.


2. Summer (workshop) and Fall Choreography Camps: All show choir members are REQUIRED to attend. Students must make their families aware of choreography sessions to assist with planning of vacations, trips, and other family events. Information regarding rehearsals and choreography sessions will be available in members’ binder.


3. Competitions: All show choir members are required to attend competitions for which their group is competing. Show Choir is a group activity and when one person is missing, the entire group suffers.


4. In the event of illness, parents should contact the director by phone or e-mail BEFORE rehearsal. After that time, the absence will be considered unexcused.


5. Group Fundraising: All show choir members AND parents are expected to assist with group fundraisers (e.g. cherry berry, working at the muni, pizza ranch, state fair parking, etc.)


6. Individual Fundraising: All show choir members AND parents are expected to assist with expected to individually fundraise (e.g. Candy Bars, Gift Wrapping, Applebee’s flapjack etc.)


7. Performances: All show choir members are expected to participate in every event. I will let you know, in advance, about all performance and events. 




1. Every effort will be made to keep costs down for the groups while maintaining a competitive edge and highly educational standard. We will only compete and have camps that we can pay for. Our budget amount for these expenses is determined by “donations,” student fundraising, and corporate sponsorships.


2. Fundraiser projects will be available to help students offset costs. Students who are unable/ unwilling to fundraise will need to find alternative methods of covering these costs.


3. Food/Meals: Students are responsible for their own meals and beverages on trips and at competitions.


4. Necessary Clothing: show choir members will be expected to purchase their own shoes, socks, stockings, and undergarments. These items are not a part of the overall costume cost.

5. Students that withdraw from participation from the group mid-year will Not be giving any refund.


6. The FINAL PAYMENT for the group is due on October 15th or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend. Students unable to get their account paid off by this point must make arrangements with the director or forfeit their right to perform in concerts and competitions.

                 PAYMENT SCHEDULE:

For ALL members (optional payment schedule)

Payment #1 due June $100.00 

Payment #3 due July $100.00

Payment #4 due August $100.00

Payment #5 due September $100.00

Payment #6 due October: Remaining Balance that is Due

Students that fail to make arrangements with the director will not be allowed to perform in concerts and/or competitions in which the show choir is involved.


Reminder– No refunds for students that drop after the start of the school year.




1. The mandatory rehearsal schedule will occur from 6:25pm – 9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursday’s beginning in August 21th. Additional practices may be called on Saturdays as needed. Advance notice will be given of these rehearsals.


2. Students involved in another activity during these times on Tuesdays should inform both directors/coaches of conflicts and work out a compromise. Students should not expect director and coach to work it out among them. It is the student’s responsibility to come up with a solution, present the solution to both director and coach, and then implement the plan.


3. All show choir members are required to attend all rehearsals. Parental permission in the form of a signed note or phone call will be required to miss a rehearsal. Notes or phone calls received the day after a rehearsal will be unexcused. Students must make the director aware of conflicts no less than 24 hours in advance. Refer to Attendance Requirements.




1. Show choir members will be responsible for their show choir costumes/ uniforms.


2. Show choir members must avoid being seen in uniform before performances.


3. While in uniform, members must refrain from eating and drinking food of any kind.


4. Members must be in either FULL uniform or in street clothes.


5. It is the responsibility of each member to put their uniforms in their garment bags. Uniforms need to be hung up properly to avoid wrinkles and creases.


6. If a costume/uniform is damaged, the show choir member will assume the replacement cost of each garment.


7. Show choir members in costumes/uniforms and other IN Session or SHS apparel are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Members are representatives of themselves, Springfield High School, the city of Springfield, and the state of Illinois.


8. $500.00 is required from each show choir member.


9 Due to the cost of costuming, it will be necessary to reuse some costume pieces and parts each year.


10. The director has final say in what costumes are worn by the show choir.




1. Members should strive for a ‘uniform’ and neat appearance.


2. Costumes/Uniforms should be kept clean and stored properly between performances.


3. Makeup for performances should be ‘uniform.’ For hygienic reasons, each female performer may be asked to purchase a specific brand/shade of makeup.


4. Due to the nature of stage lighting, performers are encouraged to use sunless tanning products to keep the skin from appearing ‘washed out.’


5. Each performer is responsible for keeping their hair neat and secured up and out of the face. The hair should not need attention or draw negative attention during a performance. Use of hair care products may be necessary. In some cases, a haircut or trim may be necessary.




1. Show choir members are expected to uphold ALL Springfield district 186 school rules and policies while participating both on and off campus.


2. Members are to refrain from ‘inappropriate’ behavior while waiting to perform or sitting in a common area at competitions. No vulgar language or inappropriate displays of affection.


3. In the event of an overnight road trip, all male students are prohibited from entering female hotel rooms and all female students are prohibited from entering male hotel rooms. Members who violate this rule will be confined to their hotel room, not allowed to participate in the performance, and may be removed from the group.


4. Show choir members are expected to follow group itineraries while on trips or competition excursions.






1. All show choir members are expected to assist with fundraising projects throughout the year. The money raised will be used to fund additional instructional costs such as choreography, competition entrance fees, and travel expenses.


2. Some fundraising projects will be of an individual nature while others will involve the entire group. The guidelines for each fundraiser will be discussed with the student as the fundraiser approaches.


3. The director will approve all fundraising activities




1. Show choir members who act in violation of the rules and regulations of the ensemble will be subject to disciplinary action. The student will first meet with the director in an attempt to resolve disciplinary issues. Parents will be notified of any issues in the classroom. If the problems persist the performer will be placed on probation. Members on probation will not be allowed to perform but will be expected to continue with rehearsals in the hope that they can rejoin the group’s performance schedule. If a member continues to disregard rules and regulations while on probation, the member will be removed from the ensemble.


2. A show choir member may be suspended from performances for the following reasons: 2 unexcused absences from rehearsals, concerts, or performances; tardiness (3 or more times), noncompliance with rules and regulations of the ensemble, failure to cooperate with the director, failure to cooperate with other members of the ensemble.


3. A show choir member may be dismissed from the ensemble for the following: Consistent and excessive disruptive conduct (both in rehearsal and/or performance), use of drugs and/or alcohol

(Including tobacco products), and ANY action that reflects negatively on the show choir and/or the school.



Rehearsal * PERFORMANCE *tentative COMPETITION Schedule


During the summer:

July 14th / August 4th – Fundraiser – Car Wash @ Caribou Café by Hy-Vee 

June 30th – July 2nd & July 5th – 9th Fundraiser – Working @ the Muni starting @10:30pm (every night)

Thursday, August 9th - work Gates 8,9 at the IL State Fairgrounds  (ALL-DAY)

Saturday, August– IN Session Welcome PARTY!!!  TBA on Time & Location


During the School Year:











All the Tuesday and Thursday rehearsal will be from 6:25-9pm


*please note date/time/locations are subject to change. This is a tentative rehearsal, performance and competition schedule.