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21 Reason WHY you should join the Award-winning, Nationally Ranked “IN Session” Showchoir here at SHS

August 17, 2017

1. Life-affirming
2. It tickles your brain
3. Showchoir teaches individual strength amongst teamwork
4. It makes you feel good
5. Colleges look favorably upon a sustained commitment to the arts
6. Showchoir gets to travel, field trips, out of town competitions
7. Showchoir creates a sense of family on a very large campus
8. It is non-judgmental and everyone is welcome
9. Learn a new skill, learn how to read music etc.
10. Be part of a long standing tradition
11. Learn about history, perform music of various styles

12.Our music is Professional arranged by the two-time Aspire Award-winning Arranger, Brock Keiper

13. Make new friends.

14. Improve your self-esteem

15. Learn goal setting and achievement

16. Take a risk, live on the edge, join showchoir!!

17. Girls like boys who can sing/dance

18. Make great memories of your high school days

19. Win Awards

20. Participate in the solo competition

21. Scholarship opportunity/ Young American (performing arts school that performs around the world)