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IN Sessison Showchoir auditions information and tips!

May 20, 2021

It's that time!!!! Auditions are tonight and tomorrow night STARTING at 5:30pm in the common area (loacted on the side of the school on Washington and Parker St.). Please make sure you are there early to check in and get your audition number! Please also make sure you bring a mask and a bottle of water with your name on it! Auditions should be done as late as 8pm. Tonight we will do the vocal auditions and then go over the chorerography for dance auditions. Tomorrow night we will continue to run through the choreography then start the dance audition process. After auditions, studenst who make the group will be contacted via phone call by the director. The list will be posted by this Friday evening on the showchoir webpage! Good luck to all who are auditioning! Please see below for tips!


Auditionee will need to prepare a song of their choice. Pick any appropriate song that you feel shows off your voice. The song doesn't have to be any specific genre. They can sing in ac a pella or with a backing track (with no vocals, instrumental only). You will usually have to sing 30 seconds to 1 minute, so choose the part of a song that shows off your vocal skills. Vocal auditions will be in front of the group, (don't worry you are a performer). The Auditionee will then learn a section of choreography, which they will do as their dance audition (in small groups)

1. Choose a song you're comfortable with

2. Hydrate - please bring your own water bottle
3. Don't stress- big reasons that people don't audition for showchoir is because they're scared of singing and dancing. Yes, both of these are important but you don't have to be perfect at it. Everyone makes mistakes at auditions, everyone is nervous. Don't freak out about it, just do your very best.
4. Be yourself- have fun, make this a positive experience. If you mess up make sure you keep going.
5. First impression is everything - smile, be polite and be presentable


if you haven't done so already, please go to the showchoir webpage and click on the 2021 - 2022 IN Session showchoir/band/crew audition form link to fill out the showchoir & showchoir band audition form!

*Band members do not have to audition to be in the showchoir band, we still need you to go to the online audition form and fill out the information to be contacted.