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Executive Sound Showchoir Band

Executive Sound Showchoir Band is an extracurricular activity Band that meets for an hour and a half one day a week. Executive Sound Showchoir Band serves as the live band for the Scarlet Harmony and IN Session showchoirs at Springfield high school in Springfield, IL. This will be Executive Sound showchoir band's 11th year of existence and this year we added the name! In the 10 years of competition, Executive Sound Showchoir Band has brought the Best Showchoir Band caption award numerous times from competitions. Executive Sound Showchoir Band helped put IN Session on the map, helping them win their Division make Finals at multiple competitions throughout the 10 year season. Most notable in 2019 when Executive Sound Showchoir Band helped IN Session bring home the Overall Grand Champion trophy from the 42nd Annual Watskea Showchoir Invitational! This year Executive Sound Showchoir Band is looking for to getting back on track after a year off of hiatus. 

Showchoir Band music

Please join the Award-winning Executive Sound Showchoir Band

Attention Springfield High Band members! WE NEED YOU!!!!

Executive Sound Showchoir Band -

Executive Sound Showchoir Band consists of students that play the accompaniment music for the IN Session Showchoir.  This caption award-winning band will start rehearsals in Late September. We use live music, so we need instruments such as

Synth/keyboard, Trumpets (2), Saxophones (alto, tenor) and Guitar players!

*To join the Executive Sound Showchoir Band you must fill out the audition form.

The Executive Sound Showchoir Band travels to EVERY competition and HOME concerts that the IN Session Showchoir is involved in. Executive Sound Showchoir Band is expected to rehearse Tuesday and/or Thursdays.

Q: How much does it costs to participate in Executive Sound Showchoir Band?
A: Band members pay $0 to participate. We strive to get as many band members to join our group as possible. So, we don’t want to deter them by making them pay a fee. We fundraise to help pay for any additional cost so the band members can focus on the music.

Q: How will rehearsals work?
A: Simple! The Showchoir director will send/pass out music. Band members are required to work on their music on their own. (tracks will be also be giving to assist) On rehearsal nights we get together and play through the notes. If there are any questions or issue, we try and fix that as a group. The showchoir director is also looking for a Band teacher to volunteer their time to help at rehearsals.

Q. What is showchoir competitions?

A: competitions, sometimes called "invitationals" are often held at the high school where the "host group" attends and sometimes performs as an exhibition, though some events are held at auditoriums or other facilities that can accommodate larger crowds and provide better acoustic performance. Competitions can feature many groups from multiple states.[12] Because of the vast difference in sizes of the competitions, they can last a single full day. Competitions may separate competing choirs into different divisions. These divisions are often determined by age, skill level, size of the school or choir, and/or gender of the participants. Many competitions include a preliminary round and a finals round.[14] The finals round commences after awards from the preliminary round are complete, where the top scoring groups perform again in order to compete for the title of Grand Champion of the contest. The number of groups in the finals round is up to the hosting school, but typically 5-6 choirs participate. Those groups are sometimes given the opportunity to take suggestions, either from scoring judges or separate experts called in to give suggestions made during the preliminary round and make adjustments to their finals performance in order to earn a better score. Hosting schools do not compete in the competition for ethical purposes. (per wikipedia.com) At many competitions there are captions awards giving to groups during the preliminary rounds. One of the captions we strive for is “Best Showchoir Band also called “Best Combo”. This caption award is giving to the group with the highest score out of all the other group competing during the day. The IN Session showchoir band, now known as Executive Sound, has won this caption award numerous times (since 2014).

            Q. Do we have to wear costumes during performances/Competitions?

A. usually, we would ask you to wear all black. i.e. black pants, black button shirt etc. if we have enough in the budget to get costumes, we would leave the option open. But we want to have a uniform look. There will be some instances where we may feature the showchoir band during the closing of a show, so in that case we would like to make sure we are dressed the same.

Q. Does the Showchoir band competitions conflict with any other events at school?

A. the IN Session showchoir Director does his very best to work with the school administrations and coaches to make sure no competition conflicts with any other sporting or activity events. However, there are some that we couldn’t work the competition schedule around, example scholastic Bowl. During the fall you are more than welcome to do other activities and sports.

I hope this helps families understand how important the Showchoir Band is for the Showchoir. If you have further questions, please e-mail me and I’ll do my best to answer them.


requirements to join the Executive Sound Showchoir Band:

must fill out Autition form (click on banner top left)

Must be a SHS student

must be able to sight read/read music

must be reliable and responsible

must be available