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Status Meeting & Events....

Jan 13, 2021 As we are starting 3rd Quarter, I wanted to send an email to everyone with some news and events. Every semester, I would like to meet with you for a "Status Meeting."  This may be at the end of class (Hybrid students in-person) or (on Zoom--at the end of class). The meeting will take about 1 minute, and I will discuss with you how things are going and if you would like to still continue with SHF this semester. READ MORE

SHF Requirements Information Sheet

Oct 5, 2020 Here is a copy of the Requirements for SHF this year. Please remember that if you cannot attend the French Club event of the month, that you will need to email me to set up an alternate "assignment" prior to the end of that specific month. No money is due at this time--we will wait on the $10 fee until later. Any questions, please email me. 

SHF Initiation and Ceremony Meeting

Sep 30, 2020 We will be having the SHF Initiation and Ceremony meeting Monday, October 5th at 1pm in Zoom. Mme Boltz has sent you an invitation describing the event. 

La Rentrée

Aug 12, 2020 Bonjour mes élèves! I hope that you have had a nice summer vacation! As we are heading back into Back-to-School time, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and holding the Initiation Ceremony (by Zoom) later on in September and kicking off the SHF 2020-2021 year! If anyone who received an invitation in May would still like to join--its not too late.  Please email me and let me know.  

Invites are out--check your school email!

May 6, 2020 Invites for the National French Honors Society are out. For those students who still might qualify due to Semester 2 grades, I will send out those invitations later on this month.  If there are any questions, feel free to send me an email. I will need to know by May 22nd who wants to join SHF for the next school year (if you missed the deadline--that's ok, email me over the summer!)   Felicitaitions!!


Nov 9, 2019 If you did not go bowling with French Club in November, you will need to read a book from the SHF bookshelf in my classroom and write a book report. Don't be shy, just take a book--it's ok! Read for about 45-50 minutes and spend 10- 15 minutes writing the report. You'll turn the report in to me along with the SHF hour form due on Dec. 2nd.

C'est la Rentrée!

Aug 11, 2019 I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and is ready for school to start! Once everyone has established their schedules, we will look into having the Initiation Ceremony/Meeting after school sometime in September to discuss the requirements and kick-off the 2019-2020 school year! **If anyone has forgotten to tell me that they would like to still take part in SHF, please tell me ASAP as I will need to order the Ceremony supplies and will not be able to change the order (which would READ MORE

Invites are out!

Jun 3, 2019 Invites for the National French Honors Society are out. Many students are very close to qualifying, so I will wait until 4th Quarter and Semester grades are finalized in order to reach everyone possible. 

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