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Status Meeting & Events....

January 13, 2021

As we are starting 3rd Quarter, I wanted to send an email to everyone with some news and events. Every semester, I would like to meet with you for a "Status Meeting."  This may be at the end of class (Hybrid students in-person) or (on Zoom—at the end of class). The meeting will take about 1 minute, and I will discuss with you how things are going and if you would like to still continue with SHF this semester. This is not something that you have to schedule ahead of time with me. I would like to have this done by Jan. 22nd.  


*Events coming soon—there will be a French Club meeting for January, and we will also take the National French Exam sometime late February or early March. The test can be taken on Zoom, but everyone needs to take it at the same time, so I am looking at a Monday date). If you typically have a meeting or an event on Mondays, could you email me and let me know.