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The Springfield High School Hall of Fame was established in 1967 as a gift from Carrol C. Hall and Dorothy Sivia Hall, graduates of Springfield High School.

Requirements: The award is presented each year to a graduate of Springfield High School, Springfield, Illinois who has achieved national eminence, who has been graduated for a minimum of twenty-five years and who attended S.H.S. during his/her Junior and Senior years.

The award: The recipient of the award is presented with a Certificate of Membership, a Citation, and a Bronze Name Plaque, which is placed on a walnut panel in the Main Hall of the school.

Each year the Hall of Fame Committee seeks nominations of SHS graduates whose achievements are noteworthy. For further information, contact Ms. Smith, Assistant Principal,  lsmith@sps186.org.

Hall of Fame
Induction YearInducteeClass ofInformation
2020Michael J. Vasconcelles, M.D.1981Physician, Scientist, Biopharmaceutical Executive
2018Pamela Cohen Hirsch1964Business Leader & Philanthropist
2017Hank Plain1976Healthcare Venture Capitalist, Founder of Medtech Companies
2016Dave Robisch1967All American-Professional Athlete-Public Servant
2015Andrew Clements1967American Writer of Children's books
2014Evelyn Brandt Thomas1940Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Brandt Consolidated
2013William Schnirring1946Entrepreneur-Civic Leader
2012Robert Kennedy1974C-SPAN’s Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer
2011Harvey Najim1958CEO of Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
2010No Recipient
2008Linda Patia Spear, Ph.D.1968Behavior Neuroscience Professor
2007No Recipient
2006Alex Talmant1937Brigadier General
2005Dr. John Greenleaf1950Retired Research Physiologist & Space Research Directorate NASA Ames Research Center, Moffatt Field, California
2004Warren R. Staley1960Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cargill, USA
2003No Recipient
2002Patrick Coady1956Investment Banker-Conservationist-Public Servant-Bracketed an investment banking career with service in the U.S. Navy and Exec Dir of the World Bank. Led environmental reforms at the World Bank. Senior fellow at Conservation Int'l and founded the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust.
2001Dr. J. Lee Westrate1940Public Servant-Educator-Assistant Science Advisor to three Presidents-Senior Management Specialist in Science, Technology and Education-Bureau of the Budget- Political Science University Professor-Academic Vice President and Trustee of several institutions of Higher Education.
2000No Recipient
1999Thomas Morgan1944Author-Journalist
1998No Recipient
1997Glenn O. Head1942Financial Services
1996Bob Trumpy1963NFL Analyst, Reporter
1995Paul N. Helme1954Architectural Educator
1994Dr. William Howarth1958Professor of English, Princeton University
1993Dr. Robert M. Aiken1959Computer Science Professor
1992Eugene C. Dorsey1945Journalist and Philanthropist
1991Dr. Marilyn Keiser1959Concert Organist & Professor of Music, Indiana University
1990Stuart W. Robinson, Jr.1948International Economic Law-Senior Director-Session & Council Affairs-General Agreement on Tariffs and trade.
1989Dr. Lynn E. Wolaver1942Engineer-Educator-Dean for Research and Professional Development-Air Force Institute of Technology-Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.
1988James H. Mueller1948Entrepreneur-Industrialist-Pioneer in development and manufacturing of industrial air pollution control equipment.
1987Susan E. WIlcox1884Educator* -Inspired the work of poet Vachel Lindsay
1987Corwin H. "Corky" Meyer1938Aeronautics, Outstanding in the development and manufacturing of industrial air pollution control equipment.
1986Dennis Swanson1956Sports Journalist-President of ABC Sports
1985Donald E. Ferry & Earl Wallace Henderson, Jr.1951,1949Architects - Architectural firm members receiving national acclaim for work in restoring historical structures.
1984David Chandler Prince1908Electrical Engineer*-Career Engineer, General Electric Company.
1983Robert Page1954Journalist-President Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe
1982Richard J. Franke1949Investment Banker-Headed the largest municipal bond underwriter in the U.S.
1981Stanley L. London, M.D.1943Sports Medicine-Surgeon, leader and pioneer in th treatment of athletic injuries.
1981Wesley S. Krogdahl, Ph.D.1936Astronomer, University of Kentucky-Nationally recognized in the field of astronomy.
1980William H. Luers1947Ambassador-Career Foreign Service Officer Head of U.S. Embassy in Venezuela
1980Edward J. McClernand*1947Brigadier General, USA-Medal of Honor Winner. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his military leadership in the post-Civil War period.
1979Ronald Thunman1949Rear Admiral Nils, U.S.N., Nuclear Submarine Service-Career Naval officer of outstanding reputation.
1978Charles Arthur Bane1930Lawyer-Outstanding member of the Bar, known nationally as a "lawyer's lawyer"
1977James S. Martin, Jr.1938Space Scientist-Directed the first Mars project for the U.S.
1976Grant Fletcher1931Composer and Professor of Music
1975Anna Louise Tittman1904Public Health Nurse-Pioneer in the field of public health during the period prior to World War I.
1974Harrington Wood, Jr.1938Jurist and Federal Judge-Noted for his work among Native Americans.
1973No Recipient
1972Katherine Elizabeth Manchester, A.S.A. (Ret.)1934Colonel-Dietitian-Nutrition specialist for the armed forces
1972Charles Herbert Spaulding*1906Chemical Engineer-Internationally recognized for development of water treatment plants for municipalities.
1971Robert Carr Lanphier*1894Class of Electrical Engineer-Pioneer in the development of the electric meter; founder. Sangamo Electric Company.
1970George Edward Hatmaker1928Insurance Executive-President, Franklin Life Insurance Company.
1969Robert Ray Dockson1935Economist-Leader in the savings and loan industry.
1968James Edward Day1932Postmast General-Appointed to his post by President John F. Kennedy.
1967Helen Milford Thompson*1926Music-recognized for her work in musical production promotion, recipient of many awards,
1966Hiram Sherman*1924Theatre-Professional actor appearing in many Broadway productions.
1965Robert Gehlmann Bone1924Educator-President of Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois.
1964Nicholas Rachel Lindsay1897Poet-Literary figure known for his dramatic presentations, recognized during his lifetime and now gaining world-wide acclaim.

* Award given posthumously or recipient deceased since receiving their recognition.