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InsideOut: SHS appears on the corner of Washington St. and Lewis Street

August 20, 2014

On Friday, August 15th, 2014, our project, InsideOut: SHS, was unveiled at the corner of Washington Street and Lewis Street. At 6:30 pm, a celebration of SHS students, families, and staff brought the journey from the inspiration of one to the walls of SHS.

Here is our story. Recent graduate Alex Halloway was researching colleges back in December. One of those colleges was Wake Forest University. Alex came upon their project InsideOut: Wake. He sent the link to their project website to Ms. Theresa Greco and said we need to do this. Ms. Greco was impressed but was not sure of how to proceed. Alex pushed and he and Ms. Greco went to Mr. Grossen to seek permission. With that permission in hand, they started to plan. They contacted each club sponsor, each coach, and each department chair to ask them to submit a few names of students within their group who embodied SHS - if they could have an entire team, an entire club, an entire class of those students they would have the epitome of SHS. 235 names were submitted! Alex, Ms. Greco, Matt Thomson, Brooklyn Crum, and Graham Haven took those names and narrowed them to 110 - which was no easy task. Ms. Cindy Huffman had been contacted to provide artistic guidance and provide the name of a student who could take the photographs of the students once chosen. Samantha Thiele was the answer to all of our needs. She and Ms. Huffman provided a format and told the team to significantly narrow the number.

Seniors, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and incoming eighth graders were chosen - a total of 31. The pictures were taken in May. Sam edited all of them and then a few printers were contacted. The company chosen was Solution Printing, which is owned by SHS grad, Greg Shelton, and his father Steve. Printing on a new product that is designed to adhere directly to brick occurred on August 11th and 12th. Greg and a few men who had been drafted by Sam's mother, Lisa, to help installed the final product on the afternoon of August 15th. Connor Davlin has been working tirelessly on a website that shares more information. This site will be launched soon.

To everyone who helped make this a reality - a HUGE thank you!

The purpose of this project? 1. To share what is great about the inside of SHS - our students - with the outside world. 2. To enhance the culture of Springfield High School.

Because.....We are Individuals. We are United. We are Senators.