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Individual Cheer

Please create your own motions to the following cheer:


Come on Solons, Pull it down!

Floor Cheer

Senator Nation 
is here to take this win;
If you think you can defeat us
then you better think again.

Number one forever
our team can't be stopped;
Take it from us
the view is better at the top!

Forwards: https://youtu.be/-mBJ2E0xZDk

Backwards (practice with this one!):  https://youtu.be/xIfWaKk0MDU

Sideline Cheer

Do it like the solons do it

Who rocks the house
hey hey
We rock the house
Say what

Who rocks the house
hey hey 
Do it like the solons do it

Forwards: https://youtu.be/L_951aRpHgc

Backwards (practice with this one!): https://youtu.be/-zS00CJyo_4

Tryout Dance

Dance with Counts: https://youtu.be/xGA2RL8qf90

Dance- Full Out (facing forward): https://youtu.be/YFbiG4KXlFs

Dance- Full Out (facing backwards; dance along with this one for practice!): https://youtu.be/g_eyv6RirVo

How to Roll: https://youtu.be/xGA2RL8qf90