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download Honors and Awards Descriptions

Please click on the link for information regarding our Senior Awards and Honors. 


The school district pays for Junior status students to take the SAT in the spring of their junior year. The test date has not been released as of yet. Below is the website for information regarding the SAT for the 2021-2022 academic year. Any questions regarding SAT can be directed to College Board.org. 



Guidance Office Directory

Mrs. Gordy, Freshman  gordy@sps186.org

Mrs. Adeniji, Juniors kadeniji@sps186.org

Mr. Robinson, Seniors rrobinson@sps186.org

Mrs. Lauer, Sophomores   nplauer@sps186.org

Mr. Kramer, Post-Secondary Coach  bkramer@sps186.org

Mrs. Kontio and Ms. Hurley, Secretaries   525-3106

Order from Josten's 24/7

Great news!! You can now order from Josten's 24/7. Just click on the link below. Any questions, please call Josten's at 483-8989.


Letters of Recommendation Information

Please use the information on the right to request letters of recommendation. 


Transcripts 101


Your transcript is your official educational record. It lists all classes you have taken, your semester grades, class rank, ACT/SAT test scores and GPA.  You DO NOT have access to your transcript, only your guidance dean and the secretaries in the guidance office can access this information. Transcripts can be official (sealed in an envelope) or unofficial, not sealed or signed.  Most colleges and universities will want to see your transcript before they make a decision to admit you.

We will NOT put your ACT and SAT test scores on your transcripts unless you request us to. 




Parchment is an online transcript service.  You can easily create an account and order your transcripts through Parchment. They are then electronically sent to the destination requested. Seniors If you do request from Parchment, make sure you put Grad/leave year as 2022!  Underclassmen, please put in your appropriate garaduation year. If you do Parchment and are charged a fee, you have made an error. Parchment will not charge current students for their service.

If you are applying to Lincolnland, you must request your transcript through Parchment.


Dual Credit transcript. If you have taken a dual credit class, the college credit does not show on your high school transcript. You must request a copy of your “college” transcript directly from LLCC.  For information on ordering your LLCC transcript, please check out the LLCC website.


Common App. All Common App students must go through their guidance dean.


FINAL TRANSCRIPTS. This is the MOST important piece of information you will need to know. Prior to graduation, you MUST give Mrs. Kontio an addressed, stamped envelope to have your final transcripts sent to your school of choice. ALL schools require a final transcript.  Failure to send your final transcript will result in possible expulsion, failure to register, etc. Trust me, you do not want to be sitting in your class and receive the email that your school has never received your final transcript. If your school also needs your immunization record it is imperative that you request it to be sent and provide a separate envelope if needed. Please use Parchment as well for your final transcripts.

Envelope must be business size, 9.5”x 4”.  Do not put a return address on the envelope. Your name must be on the inside flap. 


Senior year is upon us and there will be many important dates and deadlines. Please check the daily announcements on the home page for updates and reminders. Here are some dates to remember:


Delivery of Caps/Gowns (Commons):   May 3, 2022

Senoir Honors NIght, May 19, 2022

Graduation Practice... Saturday, June 4th 2022 MANDATORY, 8:00 am at BOS Center

Graduation Saturday, June 4, 2022 Line up at 4:30, ceremony begins at 5:00 pm.

FREE PSAT/ College Board Resources

Free information and resources for students taking the PSAT. Great information! Check it Out! Click on the above header for more information.

CollegeBoard and Khan Academy Offer Students Free SAT Test Practice

The CollegeBoard has partnered with Khan Academy to provide a personalized SAT test prep program for every student. Select this link to learn more about FREE SAT diagnostic quizzes, interactive practice questions, and full-length practice tests that are available to all students.

College Visits

JUNIORS and SENIORS- Please check the "College Visit Calendar" tab on the left hand-side for colleges that are coming to visit SHS. Please see Mr. Kramer or Mrs. Kontio for a pass.


The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step in the financial aid process for post-secondary institutions. Parents of SENIOR STUDENTS- Please do not forget to apply for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Click on the link to take you to the FAFSA Website. Please call or email Mr. Kramer with any questions. ** New as of Fall of 2106* Families can submit the FAFSA earlier. You can now start the process in October. On the FAFSA, students and families will report tax information from two years earlier instead of the previous year. Additional information is availble on the the FAFSA website.

Final Exams 2021-2022 ***


 SPRINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL SEMESTER EXAM EXEMPTION POLICY2020-2021 All freshmen, sophomore, and junior students will take first semester exams. Seniors may be exempt from 3 exams per semester. This exemption policy applies to all courses offered at Springfield High. Qualifications for exam exemptions are as follows: FRESHMEN: 1 final exam exemption, second semester only SOPHOMORES: 2 final exam exemptions, second semester only JUNIORS: 3 final exam exemptions, second semester only SENIORS: 3 final exam exemptions per semester On the exam exemption permission slip, the student will identify from which exam(s) he or she expects to be exempt. (Simply having the form does not guarantee exemption; all criteria must be met and maintained.) Exam exemption is based on absences, discipline, and quarter grades. 1. Absences: • Student must have 4 or fewer excused absences per class. • In-house counts as an excused absence. • School activities do not count as absences. • An un-excused absence will cause students to take exams. • College visits in excess of two total days will count as excused absences for purposes of exam exemption policy. • The number of absences from each individual class (not total days absent) and the grade from that particular class is used to determine the student’s eligibility. A student may be exempt from one exam, but required to take another. 2. Discipline: • If a student receives any type of out of school suspension, he/she is required to take the exam. 3. Grades: • Exemption is determined per class. A student must have a “B” or better as his/her final grade for both quarters. Semester Grades • If a student has an “A” for one quarter and a “B” for the other quarter, and chooses not to take the exam, the lower of the two grades will be the semester grade. • If a student has an “A” for one quarter and a “B” for the other quarter, and elects to take the exam, semester grades are figured using all three grades, according to the current system. Parental Consent Parents/guardians have three options if their student qualifies for exemption from an exam. The parent/guardian may: 1. Require his/her student to take the exam. 2. Allow the student to be exempt from the exam, but require him/her to attend school that day. The student would then report to an assigned location. 3. Allow the student to be exempt from the exam and also excuse him/her from school during the time for the exempted exam. IF A STUDENT DOES NOT RETURN A SIGNED FORM FROM HIS/HER PARENT BY THE DUE DATE , HE/SHE MUST TAKE THE EXAM. *CACC students do not attend CACC during finals. *Lunch will be served all three days.




ACT Testing Information

Springfield High School is an ACT testing center. We do not register or keep log in information for the ACT, CollegeBoard or SAT websites. Please refer to www.actstudent.org for all questions or information regarding the ACT.  ACT test dates are availble on the ACT website.

National Test Dates

National test dates are for the United States, United States territories, Puerto Rico, and Canada. If you have missed the late registration deadline for a test date, you may be able to request standby testing.



Parent Access

Please contact the guidance office to receive parent access to your student's electronic cumulative file. Information regarding your account cannot be given over the phone or to your student. You must come to the guidance office and present a photo ID to receive your account information.

College Visits

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to visit colleges they may be considering attending after high school graduation. Students are permitted to take a half-day to visit a local college and a full day to make a visit out of the city. Students must call schools to make an appointment. They must also get a "college visit" form from their dean. A parent must call the attendance office if a student is going to be absent.

College Administrators Visit SHS

Just a reminder, juniors and seniors should take advantage of meeting with college administrators as they make their visits to SHS. Announcements are made letting students know of the visits. A list of the visiting schools can be found under College and Military Recruiter Visits on the Guidance web page, in the glass case outside the guidance office and on Mr. Kramer's bulletin board. Students must get a pass from guidance or from Mr Kramer at least the day before in order to be dismissed from class to visit with a college representative.

College Bound Juniors

Juniors who are planning on attending/making application to four-year colleges/universities after high school graduation should be registering to take either the ACT or SAT college entrance test. The registration information can be obtained from the guidance office or online at Collegeboard.com and ACTstudent.org. See the above link for SAT test date information. SHS is a testing site only, therefore  all test inquiries, registrations etc, must be made to through the designated test website.

Military Academies

Juniors who are interested in applying to any of the military academies need to begin the process now. Applications to military academies involve many steps. Among them are determining whether you meet the basic requirements, applying to a congressman for nomination, completing ACT and SAT tests, as well as medical and physical tests. Please see your dean/asst. principal for further details.