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School Resumes at Southern View

January 6, 2017

Greetings Southern View Family and Happy New Year!

The staff and I have missed our school family and are looking forward to students returning on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. As a reminder, Southern View Students may arrive at school at 8:35 am for breakfast and morning meeting. Please do not send students to school too early, especially during the winter months. Staff are not available to supervise students until 8:35 am.

Please spend time this weekend reviewing school expectations, including bus expectations if your child is a bus rider. Our school expectations were handed out earlier in the year and are available on our website. This weekend would also be a great time to replenish school supplies and boxes of tissues for classrooms.

We are looking forward to hearing all about the books students read, math facts students mastered, and all the places students had an opportunity to visit.

Let's start the new year off with 100% of our students arriving to school on time, prepared to learn, and engaging in safe and respectful interactions with students and staff!

Utmost Regards,
Principal Miller