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New Webpage Feature

November 17, 2009

A new webpage feature will launch today, November 17, that will change the appearance of teacher pages. All teachers will have the ability to upload photos of themselves to act as avatars. Their avatars will be shown on the teacher's page (top-left of page) as well as on the classroom teachers page for each school. Down the road, avatars will be implemented on several other areas of the site.

Another option is being added at the same time - the ability for teachers and employees to enter their Title from their settings page. Many teachers have modified their display name so that it includes their title, which has created inconsistencies and visual disorganization. Teachers now can add their title as a separate field. Their title will appear under their name on their home page as well as the classroom teachers page for each school.

Placeholder images will be in place for each teacher until they add their photo. Photos can be added in your webpage settings.

Avatars need to follow these guidelines:

* Photos must be of the person they will represent (no cats, children, etc).
* Plain, neutral backgrounds are preferred (solid white, gray, etc.).
* No group shots - one person per photo (you can crop Avatar photos online after uploading)