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July 29, 2019

Google Team Drives

Google Team Drives have now been around for a few years, and they are an amazing tool if used responsibly. However, they can still be a challenge when members of the team drives are not aware of how they actually run. Here is a great resource from the Google Support site.  There are different levels of access within a Team Drive. If you create the Team Drive, you will want to make sure the members you add have the correct level of access, as well as helping them understand what kind of power they have at the specific access level you choose for them. If a member has an access level that allows them to add/remove documents, things can go bad very quickly if they do not understand Google Team Drives. Make sure all members understand what kind of power they have.


Check out this great tool called NowComment. This tool allows users to collaborate through conversations around online documents. Something similar can be done in G-Suite, but this tool provides the opportunity outside of Google as well. You can upload documents and have multiple conversations going at once within the same document whether the conversation is about an image, a word, or an entire section of the document.