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August 31, 2019

Adding a Printer to your MacBook Air

Often times in the beginning of the school year, new and/or veteran employees of the district need to add a printer to their MacBook Air. Here are the directions for that process. Please feel free to share this link with anyone who may not be a subscriber to our eNewsletter. 

What's Your Title Now

Sometimes we need to change our title on our teacher webpage due to being a new teacher, teaching a different content, or having a different role. However, since this is something you may have only done once in your career, the process may have been forgotten. Most people end up contacting someone in technology to correct this, but this is something in which you have control. When you sign into your district webpage, click your name, and then click settings. A box will pop up that has a field for you to edit to make the appropriate changes. Here are the handout directions if you need the visual.

Printable PD

When you get a moment, take a look here at Matt Miller's Printable PD. There are a number of great ideas and resources you can integrate into your teaching immediately!

Adding Video and Audio Comments to Google Docs

There are times when educators and students are working on a project where they want to add video or audio comments to a Google Doc. Richard Byrne wrote a great blog post where he provides instructions on how to do this.