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October 31, 2019

Google Search Can Be So Much More

Such a large percentage of people search in Google with little to no filters. People simply type in what they want to search and work too hard to sift through the results. This same thing happens with our students, which can often be less safe than desired. Students shouldn't be freely searching in Google because of the inappropriate content out there on the Internet. However, educating yourself on how to take your Google searches to an advanced level can provide you with a more efficient process as well as peace of mind knowing there is a way to search in Google in a much more specific and safer capacity. Here are two self-paced courses worth your time. These free courses will change your Internet searching life!

Sharing Content with Google Groups

Google Groups make sharing and emailing much easier, more convenient, and efficient. Most Google groups contain a smaller number of members, and people sending content to these groups are very aware of who is in the group. Building email groups (formerly known as building reflectors) are a completely different animal. People may not be aware who is in the building email group. Almost all building email groups have members who work in the building, however they also contain members who work not in the building, but with the building. Therefore, members need to be cautious when sharing content through the building Google groups. 

Take Google's Shared Drives (formerly known as Team Drives) for example. When you add a building Google group to a shared drive via the school email address, everyone in that group is automatically added to the Shared Drive. Depending on the level of access you provide, anyone and everyone in that group could possibly affect the content in the Drive, or even add/remove content to/from the drive. This could be catastrophic depending on the importance of the documents in the Shared Drive.

Lastly, adding people to Shared Drives via building Google groups create clutter for people who do not need to be a part of that Shared Drive. 

Happy Halloween!

Mail App Did You Know

This article is specific to those who use the Mail App. When you reply, reply all, or forward an email, you will see any previous text will be indented along with vertical lines on the left side. The number of lines will determine how many different messages are in the email beginning with the original message. Sometimes, the user wants to reply or forward an email without these annoying lines on the left. You can remove these lines by highlighting all of the text, use the keyboard shortcut Command and the left bracket key, which is to the right of P. The other way to do this is to highlight the text and click the Indentation drop-down menu and choosing Outdent. You many have to do this more than once depending on how many levels of text is in the email. 

13 Tips On Organizing Your Google Drive

Has your Google Drive become a chaotic mess? Do you sometimes get confused on where you put things? Would you like to know how to keep your Google Drive organized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here is a super quick article that can guide you to a more organized world in your Google Drive!