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November 22nd

"Tik Tok" Your Teaching

Want to catch your students' attention? Check out this blog written by Matt Miller regarding a "Tik Tok" teaching approach through the use of Google Slides! You don't even need to know what Tik Tok is or how to use it in order to utilize the attention-getting method of teaching.

Is Your Cart Locked?

Please remember it is essential to keep your cart locked when you are out of your room. Often times, teachers not only leave their carts unlocked, but their classroom doors are unlocked or wide open. This continues to be a concern in our buildings, so please encourage your hallway neighbors to keep their carts locked when they are out of the room. If their devices are not in the carts, it would be best if their classrooms were locked. 

Can They Read It?

When posting a document on your teacher webpage, there is one major question one must ask themselves before he/she uploads: "Will my audience be able to read it?" Many times, people will upload a Word or Pages document or perhaps another file type in which the audience needs a specific software in order to read the file. Uploading the files as a PDF or an "Anyone with the link can view" shared Google file can alleviate the issue of one's audience not being able to read the document. If you need assistance with either of these options, please don't hesitate to reach out to your building TIL.

Updating Your Google Chrome Browser

Often times, the Tech Department will receive communication regarding issues with Google Chrome use. Many of these occurrences can be resolved simply by making sure Chrome has been updated. Below are a couple of resources intended to assist our readers with updating or reinstalling the Google Chrome web browser.

Updating Google Chrome

Remove/Reinstall Google Chrome


Using Book Creator in the Elementary Classroom

Interested in learning more ways to use Book Creator? Here is a great book created in Book Creator addressing how to utilize this awesome tech tool in a variety of classrooms (literacy, science, social studies, gym, music, arts, etc.).